Music Banner

Following up after Halo Waypoint the Big 3 in the Xbox 360 music category, Lips, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band have all released a one stop shop or storefront, if you like. Aptly named Lips Music Store, Guitar Hero VIP Pass, and Rock Band Music Store, but oddly placed under the Games On Demand category, I grabbed Guitar Hero VIP Pass and Lips Music Store ones this morning, haven’t got Rock Band so didn’t bother with that one.

A nice way to spice up the Marketplace experience but not much more. Lips Music Store is quite painful with you having to highlight each title to get a purchase price and it only had the songs, none of the extra game add-on’s were in there. Guitar Hero VIP Pass was nice but both need to address the fact that price is a major factor when shopping so being able to sort by price would be nice. Anyway, free storefronts for those who want them…

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