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‘Tis the season… to drive some of next year’s dream cars in this generation’s highest-rated racing game, only on Xbox 360. Just over a month after the title’s momentous launch, “Forza Motorsport 3” has sold more than one million units worldwide. Now Turn 10 is spreading the holiday cheer with the “Hot Holidays” Car Pack, available today on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points.

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EA has announced that it will be pumping out a sequel to last years ingenious space horror Dead Space. More necromorphs are promised along with twists and turns in the plot, plus lots of new weapons of destruction. Nothing had been confirmed about the time of when it will be released, but it is being created for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. 

Everything I know about this game I learnt from my wife; I don’t really consider myself ignorant about games and then the other day happened. I was explaining to her that I had to write a review about this game, I described it as an action puzzle game where I had to drop a sequence of blocks onto a tower. The higher the tower the more it would swing and… she stopped me right there. “Tower Bloxx”, she said, “yeah it’s on my phone, I like it, especially getting a perfect drop and seeing the combo grow and all the little people on parachutes fly in.”

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gran-turismo-5-prologue-20080528102211389_640w Sony New Zealand have sent through information for a very exciting and potentially life changing competition/tournament. The GT Academy. Full details below.

GT Academy 2010 is the second instalment for Europe, but it’s the first time
Kiwis can take part in this incredible competition. In 2008/09, Lucas
Ordoñez, a 23-year-old Spanish student, graduated from his PlayStation®3
(PS3TM) console to become a full-on racing driver via the GT Academy. Lucas
is living proof that the answer to the question posed by PlayStation and
Nissan – “can the world of virtual racing unearth a real racing talent?” –
was a resounding “yes”.

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It’s time. It’s podcast time.

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The final instalment of GTA IV’s exclusive DLC is here, The Ballad of gay Tony (TBOGT). Boasting over ten hours of new game play and new multiplayer features including parachutes, kill streaks and assisted kills. Seeing as it’s most likely the last major full instalment we’ll see for GTA IV, you’d be forgiven for expecting it should be the best yet. Well, you might just be right.

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Major Nelson has uploaded several pics of the Avatar Pets which are available for download tomorrow. These pets are all valued at 240 MS Points and include: Large Dog, Pug Dog, Dog in Bag, Cat, Siamese Cat, Long Haired Cat, Goldfish, Guinea Pig, Pony, Monkey, Bird, and Snake.

We at ButtonMasher do not encourage the purchasing of said Avatar clothes or add-ons. If you find yourself hovering over the purchase dialog for a pet guinea pig, take a deep breath and walk away.


Pretty self explanatory title really. The main reason I’ve held off purchasing a PSPGo is I have a rather large UMD collection and personally I can’t justify having a PSP3000 AND a PSPGo. There are rumours circulating that Logitech are developing a UMD add-on for the PSPGo. Purely speculation for now and it still wouldn’t make me consider buying a PSPGo. I mean, who wants’ a portable gaming device that requires a bulky add-on?

But if the PSPGo DID have a UMD drive built in, would it sway you? Share your thoughts.


Inevitable? Of course it was, most of us will be surprised that it actually took this long to happen. EA has announced that their shooter franchise Medal of Honor will be heading to Afghanistan to get some modern combat action. Due to drop in 2010 and perhaps featuring the gruff looking man above.

Pencil in the 30th of April next year for Rockstar’s next big adventure. The new trailer released today along with the information of a release date is good news for those of us that are anticipating some action in the wild west. Past the break is a look at what you can expect, it’s looking even better than when we saw it a few months back and we were suitably impressed then. Video after the break, including my vote for best one liner in a trailer for this year.

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