The Encleverment Experiment is an outstanding achievement if only for it’s high ranking amongst the world’s most terrible names for games. Oh and the names for the mini games are pretty high up there too; “Shelf Awareness”, need I say more?

So right off the bat, it’s another one of those so called educational games. Encleverment Experiment boasts 16 minigames promising to exercise your brain and increase your brainpower. But already I feel stupid for playing it!

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Dragon Age - Banner

Now when comments like “The spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate” are thrown around in the land of Role Playing Games someone is either taking the piss or has some mighty big Cojones and better be willing to back themselves. But when said comment comes from a little team that call themselves Bioware, the hype machine kicks in and D&D geeks worldwide start clutching their D10 dice in anticipation.

Not having any dice, I made do with equipping my Rose Tinted Glasses of RPG Fondness and entered the realm of Ferelden to see if things would live up to my own high expectation.

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