Half surprising, half expected, Rockstar announced yesterday that the DLC formerly available for the Xbox 360 will now be making it’s way to the Playstation 3 and PC. It will be available as both individual downloads and from retailers as a stand alone bundle.

Great news for those GTA fans that haven’t already had the chance to enjoy the content because of their preferred console. The DLC and retail SKU will both be available from March 30th.


Straight from the Sega Europe Blog, After Burner Climax is coming to the XBLA and PSN in Spring 2010. That’s Euro-Spring though, so I’m thinking Autumn for us. No regions exclusions mentioned, (not that we find that out before launch very often) but Sega has been pretty good with their XBLA releases, so I’m willing to take it on good faith. I’d wondered while playing Bayonetta if there was any deeper meaning to the Sega franchise references in there, and now perhaps we have evidence of some brand synergizing going on. With Project Needlemouse revealed to be the much-requested return-to-form of Sonic, what Sega franchise would you like to see revived (aside from Shenmue) next? Continue reading

It’s that time of the week, and by that I mean the time, that I finally work up the gumption to edit and post the pod. This week we talk a fair bit about Aliens vs Predator and how GaR has been playing some Army of Two 40th Day.

bayonetta Bayonetta is the kind of game that creates awkward lines of dialogue when trying to describe it to a friend, because of how crazy stupid it is. However, it takes it just far enough that you can add “awesome” to those adjectives. Here’s a sample conversation, I’ve italicised the lettering at the part where it becomes awesome: “So, Bayonetta is this witch, and her clothes are her hair and her magic, so using magic depletes her clothing. Oh, and she has guns attached to her feet so she shoots when she kicks and her hair magic can summon gigantic monsters that will actually eat the bosses she fights… Oh and she can breakdance.” Continue reading