Just about everyone is fighting for that sweet piece of iPhone pie. So many ports, that are halfway decent mind you, have cropped up in just the last year. Right now is the perfect time to revisit old classics or to play that game you never got around to.

Square Enix are porting Final Fantasy’s I and II to the iPhone/iPod Touch. It’s based off the same version as the PSP, with the graphics and menu system revamped. That’s great Squaresoft (just reminiscing here), now get onto porting FFVII and you’ve made me buy the same game thrice!


If the Spike Video Game Awards weren’t your thing, the Game Developer’s Choice Awards nominees for 2009 have been chosen by 500 leading game creators. It’s a prestigious invite-only affair; why shouldn’t we rival the golden globes?

Uncharted 2 and Flower have received 7 nominations and 5 nominations respectively (Interestingly, these are both PS3 titles). Gabe Newell will also receive the Pioneer award for co-creating Steam and helping make breakthrough games such as Half-Life & Portal. The full list of nominees is posted below but you’ll have to wait until March to see the results!

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Come the 11th of February is the release of M.A.G in New Zealand. The PS3 game has undergone plenty of testing with the closed and open betas but it still remains to be seen if the final product will fly. Also confirmed in the release date announcement is the fact that the game will have local servers situated in Australia.

bh Ever since Guitar Hero III, it’s felt like one of the key objectives Neversoft decided upon when they took over the custodial franchise duties was to sell out. I want to point out that I’m not just saying this because sometime way back when I had a weird (maybe hostile) interview with someone in the Neversoft brass; when they brought out the Axe dancing girls and started dropping what had to be significant investment dollars into securing the rights for relevant artists to appear in their caricature likenesses, it was pretty obvious that it was now less about rock and more about being bombarded with creepy brands. So upon having this review thrown at me, I was pretty much ready to hate on a franchise that was already dead to me…

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Following the path of the Uncharted 2 treasure hunt, Four Days: The Heavy Rain Online Experience is a three week mystery beginning January 26th.

They haven’t detailed exactly how it’s going to work but they suggest having a look at their Facebook page for help. Register here to be part of the challenge and for your troubles you’ll also receive an exclusive PlayStation Home t-shirt (is anyone still using that!?). For the simply curious, you can find the mysterious welcome email after the break.

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The release of Rock Band 2 in New Zealand seemed like an after thought.  “After” is the crucial word there, incidentally; almost a year after, in fact.  Rock Band 2 was released in North America in September 2008.  We didn’t see it until December 2009.  One major consequence of this delay has been that most people who’re interested in it have already imported it.  The dearth of marketing has meant that more casual players are mostly ignorant of the release.

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The 12th Annual Independent Games Festival encourages independent game developers and rewards them for their efforts. The beauty of these indie games is the creativity behind them, the developers are free to experiment with ideas without getting bogged down by sales figures and what’s popular.

The student winners were announced today, most of which are free to download and I encourage you to check them all out. One of them is Continuity, a flash puzzle platformer with a unique twist.

And the finalists for the main competition comprised of free and paid games including Newsboy’s favourite Rocketbirds: Revolution! as well as NZ’s own Shatter and interesting art/poem game, Today I Die.

Madden Arcade - Banner

When it comes to sports games I have to be about as casual as they come. I have the obligatory football, gridiron, ice hockey, golf and snowboarding titles in my games collection mainly for when mates are over and we feel like a bit of friendly competition. This outlook on sports games places me in the very average to decidedly crap section of sports gaming ability. Queue Madden NFL Arcade, following on from 3 on 3 NHL Arcade, a sports title targeting decidedly crap players just like me.

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