Another handheld Zelda, I was half interested, half apprehensive when I realised that Ahmad was too deep undercover on a ButtonMasher sponsored initiative to conquer Asia to send him the game. My main point of concern was something that might not faze the enamoured Zelda/Nintendo fan, but to me it was off putting, a locomotion powered dungeon crawl.

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A new year, a new podcast. If you do only one thing this year make it something awesome and listen to this while you are doing it…… unless it involves something kinky, then we don’t really want to have the two things associated in your mind.

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This content has been removed from the Xbox Marketplace. Details below….

“This title update introduced a previously undetected issue that causes specialization classes to not work correctly in Dragon Age: Origins,” said Community Manager Chris Priestly in a post on the forums. “We are removing Return to Ostagar from Xbox Live until the issue is resolved and are recommending that you do not download the title update. If you have already performed the update, we apologize for this and are working hard to ensure a fix is available as soon as possible.”

Dragon Age: Origins – Return to Ostagar has been released but due to a stack of Rock Band songs got pushed off the New Release queue. So here is a heads up for you. Now go download it and take the fight back to those Darkspawn!

The battle of Ostagar laid waste to your order and claimed the lives of many great men and women, including the brash King Cailan and your mentor, Duncan. Now, there are rumours that a fellow survivor of the battle has escaped from captivity and is seeking the Grey Wardens’ help. The time has come to make your return to Ostagar and exact revenge upon the darkspawn. Includes: (1) A return to the battlefields of Ostagar, now thick with darkspawn encamped amidst the snow. (2) An opportunity to regain the lost arms and armour of a king. (3) A second chance to add Dog to your party. To find the survivor: (1) Play through Dragon Age: Origins until after the village of Lothering. (2) Travel to Bann Loren’s Lands along the Bannorn’s northwest border.

Released 14/1/2010 for 400 MS Points.

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What happens when you take 1 part retro gaming, 1 part Dead Space, and 1 part Aliens (sans Sigourney Weaver) and mix them all up in a great big melting pot? Alien Breed Evolution, that’s what. This would have to be the largest (technically and length wise) overhaul of a retro classic to date. So large in fact it has been broken down into a 3 episode release. Alien Breed originally released for the Amiga in 1991 and was widely acclaimed by gamers of the time. So has this remake retained the essence of the original that we all loved?

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Movie and franchise based games; we’re in a climate where it almost feels like we’re turning a corner and this ilk isn’t guaranteed to be an absolute waste of our time. I mean, look at how Batman: Arkham Asylum turned out (granted, not based on a movie, but it’s treading unknown territory for Batman games), Chronicles Of Riddick, also great, hell, even Wanted: Weapons Of Fate turned out to be more enjoyable than the movie (granted that’s not exactly lathering it with praise). Launching the game ahead of the movie by a couple of weeks seems like a telling “send it out to die” move to me though. Continue reading

Maxis has always lead the way with city simulators from as far back as 1989 with their release of the original Sim City. The franchise grew and grew, as did the fanbase. It wasn’t until their last release, Sim City Societies, where they tried something new that the fanbase started really clamouring for a decent city simulator. While Monte Cristo’s release of City Life didn’t quite make the splash people were hoping, it didn’t stop MC from trying again, and this time with a much grander vision of what they wanted to give people. Something that could topple the Sim City franchise.
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Darksiders is a game by Virgil with art by comic book artist Joe Madureira known for work on marvel comics. Available on PS3 and Xbox 360. Like myself you might not have heard much about this game before now, don’t let the lack of hype fool you, there is some real substance to this title, both in theme, style, and game play.

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