Things have been relatively quiet on the Tom Clancy front for the last year or so, the perpetual pushing back of Splinter Cell: Conviction might well be to blame but let’s not forget that there are plenty of other titles that fall under the umbrella of Clancyhood. Ubisoft have announced a new Ghost Recon title to be released later this year (see the title of the post) and that there will be a beta for Xbox 360 users that will be available to purchasers of the soon to be released Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Also, Yes, there will be Soldiers in the future, this is obviously the proof, or is it, perhaps there is going to be some serious in game Harry Potter cross promotion. Either way I am looking forward to the new title as Ghost Recon usually seems to strike a nice balance between tactical shooting and raw action. Check out the official site for a trailer

You can now vote for the previously mentioned IGF finalists in the ‘Main Competition Audience Award’. The eight finalists are: Shatter, Rocketbirds: Revolution, Enviro-Bear 2000, Heroes of Newerth, Today I Die, Cogs, Star Guard, and AaaaaAAaaaAAAaa AAAAaAAAAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity.

Now I would tell everyone to vote for New Zealand’s own Shatter, but the choice is up to you! Cast your votes!

So it seems the Apple version of Plants vs. Zombies has beat the XBLA port to the punch. The iPhone/iPod-Touch (/iPad?) game will be releasing on the 15th of February, so get your peashooters ready.

As with all PopCap games, I’m going to try my very hardest not to buy every version of the game on all the different platforms, but I just know I’m going to fail miserably. Trailer after the break.

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Not a Super Bowl 

Some board games make excellent video games, some board games make average video games and some board games really shouldn’t bother.

There will have been a few of you standing on the sidelines, watching the development of Blood Bowl and hoping with everything crossed that it would turn out to be a gem, a word to the wise prepare yourselves for disappointment. There might be a Bowl in the title, but it’s not Super by any means.

I believe the key to my opening statement is whether the original game is actually good enough to survive the transformation to the screen, Carcassonne for example is an addictive and fun diversion. You get all the pleasure and strategy of the game, with none of the clearing up afterwards. After spending some time with Blood Bowl and forgiving it for it rough edges in terms of presentation I started to realize something, it’s the original gameplay that really turns you off, and that gameplay is as authentic as it can be.

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All worked up with far too many people for it to possibly be coherent.

Here it is, a mash-up cast.

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Visceral Games are starting to get a name for themselves, the name might be new, but their last big hitter, although released under their previous generic title of EA Redwood following up Dead Space with a game as ambitious as Dante’s Inferno takes some doing. The premise is fairly easily guessed from its title, Dante in Hell, or to be specific, an action adventure reimagining of what it would be like if Dante were an ass kicker and name taker instead of a scholar.

Taking from the literary instalment of Dante Alighieri’s dark age, dogma breeding work of religious sojourn, The Devine Comedy. It see’s the protagonist aptly named for the writer of the trilogy is tasked with rescuing his maiden that has been snatched away by the devil. There’s more to the story than that, but in sum, the story is one of rescuing a maiden while also battling his own demons, literally.

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Now Dark Void from my experience is not a game worth buying, but if it’s free then why not give it a go?! I am giving away Dark Void for the Xbox 360. Note that it is a review copy and has been previously used (but treated and handled with the utmost care of course).

Tell me in the comments what you would do if you had a jetpack. You have until next Sunday at 9am when I pick the winner. All decisions are final, entry only open to kiwis, yada yada.

Who else loves it when video games collide? LittleBigPlanet did it with their downloadable costumes and now Naughty Dog have entered the fray with their PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack with multiplayer characters from InFAMOUS (Cole, Evil Cole, & Zeke), Killzone 2 (Sev, & a Helghast soldier) and Resistance 2 (Nathan Hale, & a Chimera).

Now I’m sure it’s not as good as the possibility of a new campaign level but it should provide that little bit of fun as you shoot down some familiar characters. The DLC pack came out last week and costs $4.99 USD. You can also have a wee looksie at Naughty Dog’s new trailer after the break.

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I’ve been referring to this one as Army of Three, Army of Two 2, and even Army of Tutu.  All terrible titles, of course, but certainly no more terrible than the official one.  I’m not one to suggest that a game with a bad title can’t be a good game, but it does raise questions regarding the people who made the decisions for this title.  If they couldn’t even come up with a name based in sense-making and easy recognition, can they be trusted to put together a whole video game?

Well, apparently yes.  The 40th Day takes the original Army of Two (or Army of One, if you prefer… or is it Army of Two 1?) and basically just makes it better and more awesome.  Or so people say.  I never played the first one, despite quite liking co-op shooters.

The setting is Shanghai, and shit is going down.  Large buildings, for the most part.  With explosions, and what have you.  Straight away, the setting grabs you with its feeling of being in the midst of a massive disaster.  With explosions, you understand. Continue reading

Endless Ocean 2 - Banner 

Only Nintendo could get away with releasing a ‘non-game’ title like Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep. Actually they have made a mountain of money with ‘non’-games’ on their DS and Wii platforms. Now don’t get me wrong, ‘non-games’ have just as much, if not more, entertainment value as the latest and greatest shooter or RPG, to the right person. What is it that makes a ‘non-game’ you ask? Well think along the lines of edutainment or interactive environments, something where time and direction have no real affect on the outcome. There is also no negatives for any of your actions, no shark bites or bends to worry about. How’s that for child friendly.

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