Almost Pefect

It’s a Rare thing.

Developers with a quality heritage and a reputation that has cemented them in the minds of different generations of gamers Rare know their business well. Anybody that writes about Perfect Dark likes to remind the world that it is the spiritual successor to their classic Goldeneye, yes it was a shooter in a similar vein, but the original narrative and science fiction setting of Perfect Dark makes it a different proposition altogether.

The XBLA release of Perfect Dark has been a long time coming and unlike other classic shooters that have been reborn on the Microsoft Arcade it has stood the test of time well, this version along with its revamped textures still has the playability and fun factor it had when the N64 cartridge was first ripped from its packaging. The reincarnation has been handled superbly, the game ported is perfect in its presentation and the only improvement required was the updated textures, which to be fair still have the same feel as they did back in the old days.

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A small glimpse of Dead Space 2 was recently shown during a panel discussion at PAX. You can either view the whole panel (which was streamed at the time) over on Ustream or skip to the meat of it all by jumping past the break and checking out the 30 second clip of the actual footage itself. It shows Isaac using his suit in a very similar way to Ironman, and getting rid of a rather threatless Necromorph. With talk of making Dead Space 2 more of an action game, I really hope they don’t take away what made the first so darn appealing; the fear. Hit the break for the clip.

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Best selling games these days aren’t often made from companies outside of the UK, USA or Japan, so when news of a title from Eastern Europe shows up interest is bound to start flowing, even more so when it’s a companies first title. While Metro 2033 may be 4A Games’ first title, they aren’t exactly strangers to videogames, as the company was founded by people who split off from GSC Game World (the team behind S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl).

When Metro 2033 showed up on my doorstep I had no knowledge of what I was about to experience. I knew Wugga had found sections “claustrophobic” thanks to a hands-on in Auckland and that the ButtonMasher community was getting excited about it, but that’s all. Upon loading up the game I was met with thick Russian accents, atmospheric tunnels and an uncertainty about how good this title was going to be.

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A new trailer for Red Dead Redemption was released yesterday along with the official announcement of the release date for Australia and NZ. The western sand box from Rockstar will release on May the 21st, only two months away. It’s not tomorrow but it’s close enough to keep in mind when pre-ordering or looking for specials online.

I’ve included the trailer after the break. I am getting more and more excited with every new piece of footage from this game.

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Ubisoft has released the first part of a live action short film for their upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier. They have done something similar in the past with Assassin’s Creed 2. This first segment does a good job of selling (me at least) on the tone as well as showing some of the awesome new future gear that will no doubt be available in the game when it is released.  Watch it, its pretty good.

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There’s two vital important facts surrounding Inazuma Eleven. It has an amazing DS title created by the legendary Level-5 team, and secondly, I REALLY want to play a translated version of this, although I do hear a western port of this is on its way (if trademarks are anything to go by). But while I sit patiently for a version I can play (and understand) on my DS I’ll just have to settle for random news surrounding the series. Like that found in the tweet by Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino (translated by Andriasang).

"Meeting for the console version of Inazuma Eleven. Different from the DS version’s RPG type, this has, maybe, the feeling of sports fighting. Perhaps those who like Smash Bros. will enjoy it."

So while this doesn’t sound anything at all like the DS version (which was basically a high school RPG style game with soccer matches instead of fights) I’m definitely eager to hear which consoles we’ll see this arrive on and how it will play.

Bugs don’t normally give me issues in the real world, only cockroaches, those dirty little bastards scare the crap out of me! But in games it is a completely different story, I get easily put off by a buggy game, Just Cause was ambitious, perhaps overly so, but its lack of polish put me off. The announcement of the second title gave hope that crazy off the bat adventure in a huge open world would be coming to multiple platforms for gamers to enjoy at leisure.

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For your listening pleasure is the uncut interview with the developers of God of War 3.  Bruno Velazquez and Jonathan Hawkin lead animator and senior designer respectively. The interview does contain spoilers, they aren’t however until late in the interview……. and they aren’t any major plot spoilers.

Centaurs were harmed in the making of this interview. We made sure of it.

nzpc So, there’s this website that’s down, called It’s down due to alleged overwhelming demand. I’m assuming that they’re confusing “overwhelming demand” with “vast rubbernecking interest”. I have to say that from what I’ve heard, it’s a serious contender for the much lauded title of Best Worst News I’ve Heard in a long time. To oversimplify it, girls and guys sign up, then guys pay $8.25US to set up a “play date” with a girl. The girls get paid (and no doubt Game Crush takes a cut). Sound like virtual prostitution to anyone? On the other hand (and I can hardly believe I’m able to fathom a devil’s advocate angle on this), I’m already paying for Xbox Live; is nearly $15 a reasonable price for someone who isn’t a racist homophobic swearmongering loudmouth? The other other side (a somehow even darker and weirder one) is that I could derive some sadistic pleasure from paying a pretty girl to subject herself to a multiplayer game of Vampire Rain.