Via Major Nelson, here is the Official Press Release.

More Storage Space for Your Games and Entertainment with the New Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive

Available in stores today, Xbox 360 introduces the 250GB Hard Drive, which offers more space to store your favourite game and entertainment content. Available at the incredible value of $129.99 (U.S ERP), the 250GB Hard Drive offers more freedom to download the latest demos, Xbox LIVE Arcade games, full game titles with Games on Demand, TV shows, movies and more straight to your Xbox 360 console.

Xbox LIVE is the premier destination to download the best games and entertainment at the touch of a button, 24×7. With a growing library of more than 13,000 pieces of gaming content, and more than 25,000 movies, TV episodes and music videos available to download or stream instantly – you’re bound to find something you love.

Want to express your personality and style on Xbox LIVE? With the added storage space of the 250GB Hard Drive, it makes it easy to download and save new Avatar clothes and props from your favourite clothing brands and games, including Roxy, Quiksilver, Adidas, tokidoki, “Halo,” “Gears of War” and more. Or, download a pet to keep your Avatar company.

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Military Madness is a turn-based strategy game that came out ages ago on the TurboGrafx-16. Nectaris is a 3D remake of said game done by Hudson. It basically consists of a bunch of skirmishes where each side takes a turn to move their units around a hexagonal grid and issue commands. You have the usual infantry, tanks, ranged, and air units at your command along with a base building. You can use the terrain to your defensive advantage and you have an on-screen indicator which shows the relative effectiveness of your various units.

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News that should come as a huge relief to all gamers in Australasia is spreading across the internet today, Michael Atkinson has announced that he will be stepping down from his position as Attorney General in the SA government.

Citing the fact that he wants to spend more time with his family one can clearly see this as a veiled attempt to hide the fact that ButtonMasher has been practicing the ancient art of Voodoo for the last year or two and things are finally panning out. R18 classification for games in Australia just got one adversary closer. 

Shatter - Banner

Following up Brian and Wugga’s Video Review for the PS3 version is the review for Shatter PC, now available via Steam. As you can imagine the game itself is not that different. The big difference is the feature of new PC-exclusive game modes including Endless Mode, Endless Co-op Multiplayer, Time Attack, and Time Attack Co-op Multiplayer. Created by New Zealand’s very own Sidhe what other reason do you need to buy this? Maybe because it happens to be an awesome game as well!

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The whole Tiger Woods thing has been done to death so I’m not going to make any jokes here. But it does bring up an interesting point, how a whole series of games can hang in the balance because of one celebrity’s name. Anyway, it turned out that EA decided to continue on with Tiger. I mean why wouldn’t they, it brings home the bacon.

So as well as PGA Tour 11 releasing in June, EA are bringing out Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online – an online PC game, kinda like Battlefield Heroes and Quake Live, where you’re playing from inside a web browser. When released the game will have a “multi-tiered subscription” system, but until then you can play the beta for free. Video after the break.

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This is a podcast, there are many like it, but this one is yours. Wugga seems to think that I was in a bad mood for this one, I disagree and think he should shut up.

Also, breasts.

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Could a car racing game work as an MMO? EA seems to think so. Today they have announced a beta for a Need for Speed massively multiplayer online experience, something quiet ambitious and to date unattempted. The title will be given the suffix of World and will offer RPG elements along side the arcade style of the franchise. If you are keen on trying out the beta on the Personal Computer, EA are taking registrations on this site.

Along with the announcement email came some pictures which I have included after the break.

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Toy Soldiers - Banner

I guess, as a child, I never really played with toy soldiers in the structured form of organised battles, and even more rare was to set them up on a tabletop. Nope. My toy soldiers were subjected to a life in the trenches between Dad’s potatoes in our vegetable garden. Action took the form of Poha’s and Tom Thumb’s being lobbed at them or even wedged between their legs! Then the slug gun and fire got involved… Well RIP my little plastic soldiers. Toy Soldiers on XBLA follows the less destructive method of tabletop war gaming in the form of a tower defence game.

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From the start of this trailer it looked like the Medal of Honor reboot was going to be similar to the other big shooter franchise from that other publisher, MoH will have to do a lot to shake off that stigma. The second half of this trailer has me believing that it might just do it, and do it well.

I may have been mistaken but it looks like your playable character might actually be Corporal Apiata, and if it’s not I sure hope that there is a downloadable skin for us Kiwi’s. Trailer after the break.

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