Supreme Commander 2

Remember Total Annihilation?  In 1997 it was a massive leap forward for epic scale RTS.  It’s still widely played today, and has aged better than any of its contemporaries.  The brains behind TA was Chris Taylor, who went on (many years later) to make Supreme Commander; TA’s spiritual successor.  Both games were well received, though the fanbase never took to SupCom as ravenously as TA.

SupCom now has its own sequel, and expectations are high indeed.  Taylor’s tech demonstration at E3 left epic RTS fans salivating in anticipation.

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Back when Rebellion made the first Aliens vs Predator, my friend and I were instantly hooked. I remember it looking pretty good, I remember the brutal savagery of the difficulty (particularly the Directors Cut levels), I remember the paralysing choices that were inflicted by the limited-use save system, but most of all I remember the tense atmosphere generated by the sound of an impending instant game-over, otherwise known as the scuttling noise of a facehugger. It’s been over a decade since that release, and time may not have been especially kind, but it still gave me a happy feeling when I heard the reins were back in Rebellions hands for this title.

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The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition was a runaway success, so it’s no surprise that Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge would get its turn for the spotlight. According to LucasArts, the game will feature new graphics (with the ability to switch back to the originals), voiceovers, a hint system, and re-mastered music. Commentaries are also on the cards as well as an interesting control method that foregoes the traditional point & click.

MI2 is coming to a ton of devices including PC, PSN, XBLA and iPhone. It’s launching sometime within June-August. Just be prepared, it’s one heck of a hard game!

The trilogy of God of War now spans the two latest PlayStation consoles, the first being a smash success and the second having people declaring that there was still plenty of life left in the PS2. Episode three comes to us in full HD with the grunt of a few cell processors behind the technology in the black box. You’d be among good company if you already had high expectations for God of War 3, most people that seem to be drawn to this particular action hack and slash game like flies to the proverbial. So the scene is set for a rather monumental release, expectations to be dashed or dreams to be fulfilled?

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It’s a full house again this week, GaR returns from the netherworld of riding his bike, Wugga gets cornered at his own house, and well, I remembered.

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Harmonix/EA has announced to the world that Rock Band 3 will be coming out this holiday season as a worldwide release. Though can we really trust EA seeing what happened with the last two games? Perhaps they’ve learned the errors of their ways; Lego Rock Band and The Beatles: Rock Band have all turned up on time.

Not much else has been revealed but there has been rumours about Harmonix working on something educational, as in teaching music. With the Rock Band Network unavailable in New Zealand, I guess a new Rock Band is what we’ll have to take.


Getting delayed can often times mean a death sentence for a game, the hype dies down, people look else where for their fix. Battlefield’s move back to releasing this week was either due to the developer needing more time or EA deciding that they might prefer to avoid going head to head against MW2. Either way, the time is here, so what is the final result?

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Valve have updated the Steam version of Portal with a ton of secrets, hinting at the inevitable Portal sequel/Half-Life Episode 3 mash up. Steam forum goers discovered that the new Achievement, “Transmission Received” tasks players with carrying the radios around the game to uncover 26 secrets.

While most of the secrets are complicated SSTV pictures and morse code, there is an extended ending which you can find after the break. It’s pretty incredible how they went in and added all this stuff to a three year-old game. A great publicity stunt if I ever saw one. Now the big question is, how long do we have to wait Valve?

Update: Did I speak too soon? Portal 2 was announced today by Valve as coming “this holiday season”. Guess we can finally put aside those Half-Life mash up rumours now. Game Informer magazine has an exclusive 12 page article along with a pretty snazzy cover.

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Shooting people is one of my favourite gaming pass times, in the face, groin or rather often the knee. I’m usually not to bothered by where as long as some damage is inflicted and I feel like I am at least getting my kicks in before the other guy (who is overly proficient at online shooters) gets some lead through my head. So you would think that a game dedicated only to the online shooting, with massive teams and large battle fields, would be right up my barrel. MAG, it seems, might not have been my cup of tea right from the start.

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