So the big news of the day; Bungie have signed a 10 year deal with Activision. With the recent news of Infinity Ward developers jumping ship, it’s only natural for fans to feel a little nervous. But it’s not like Bungie are now owned by Activision, they are still remaining independent.

And this move isn’t a response to the Infinity Ward situation either, Bungie have stated in interviews that they’ve been in negotiations with Activision for at least nine months. Whatever the case, let’s hope nothing bad happens down the track.

On the bright side this means Halo: Reach will truly be Bungie’s last Halo game, and they’ve already started planning their next big thing, which can now go multiplatform.

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Back in the day the arcade version of After Burner was one of those special games that took the arcades by storm. One, because it was in this huge kick-arse cabinet and two, because it was a blazing fast, adrenaline pumping buzz to play, just like an arcade game should be. Rushing out and buying the Commodore 64 version left me bitterly disappointed because the vital element was missing, the illusion of speed. Speed is what made After Burner, speed is what is needed to enjoy After Burner. Lets hope After Burner Climax doesn’t turn out to be an Anti Climax.

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It’s about time someone stepped up and let you know which games you were missing out on while saving up your money for upcoming mega hits Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake. So sit back and let ButtonMasher tempt your wallet (Monster Hunter Tri anyone?) a little further with what is scheduled to hit our shores this week.


  • Iron Man 2
  • FIFA World Cup 2010
  • Super Street Fighter IV
  • Samurai Shodown Sen

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Here we go again.

Things may be given away in this podcast.

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After what seems like an unprecedented amount of time, the Wii will finally be receiving a price cut. The cut will take effect as of tomorrow and will see the retail price drop to $399.95 in New Zealand.

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I don’t know about you, but when someone reports that a new logo looks like an old one used somewhere else, I’d actually like to be able to see the two side by side in order to compare. As it stands, the new competition winning entry of the contest to design the Auckland Super City logo is more reminiscent of a metroid than anything else. Maybe one with eyes. I’m not saying that someone should get Nintendo on the phone, but I will say this: I don’t recall ever seeing a pohutakawa tree in any of my trips to Auckland, but I have seen plenty of life-draining parasites, so I think I approve of this happy accident.


This banner is actually horribly out of date, but I decided to use it because I really liked Sams look when he was in that emo band... After a troubled development cycle, the latest Splinter Cell iteration is finally here. However, as far as entrenched franchises go, it’s probably the least iterative sequel in some time. It may be a streamlined, style-over-substance kind of fare, but it more than makes a compelling argument for its existence. After all, it’s commercially favourable to be simply liked by 50 paying customers, than loved intensely by just one. One paying customer, holding his game case close to his heart, dreaming of Fisher, watching, waiting… Oh! You’re still here. Where was I? Continue reading

The guys at Bungie sure know promotion. I thought I’d be over Halo by now, but with all the new features they’re showing off, I’m actually finding myself getting a little pumped for the beta on May 3rd.

The ViDoc (or “video documentum” as I like to call it) is after the break, showcasing some of the multiplayer as well as the Bungie superstars themselves. That guy has a sweet, sweet beard by the way.

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This podcast was recorded more than 48 hours ago, I haven’t slept much in that time, and it’s bed time. So it is that I am not even going to bother trying to recall what was discussed, just an iron clad customer satisfaction gaurantee, if you listen to this podcast, your life will be better. 4 out of 5 people* in my house agree.

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*a cat may have been included to skew the figures of this study.