modnation-racers-image-02 ModNation Racers, a new arcade kart racer for the PSP. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a early preview code to put it through it’s paces. Comparisons to Nintendo’s mega hit Mario Kart DS will be impossible to avoid, but this is much more than a simple clone, much MUCH more.

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It’s official. The leaked image showing a TVNZ OnDemand logo on the PS3 XMB as part of the 3.10 firmware update wasn’t a mistake – you can now sign into the PlayStation network with firmware 3.10 and above and catch up on the TVNZ programmes you missed including:

around 150 premium local and international shows including Go Girls, Shortland Street, MasterChef, Lost and The Pacific.

The service which has been available on the website is now “optimised for PS3” and officially announced by TVNZ today. For more useless statistics and media spin, point your browser to the official TVNZ announcement at:

Splinter Cell Conviction

In an effort to encourage sales of Splinter Cell: Conviction, a local promotions company decided to hold patrons at an Auckland bar at gunpoint. Weilding a plastic imitation pistol, about 20 people were drinking outside Degree Bar in the Viaduct Basin when someone reportedly yelled “he’s got a gun!”, immediately triggering patrons to take cover behind tables.

An Armed Offenders Squad was called out and officers in attendance could not tell the weapon was a fake until the actor was disarmed, according to Senior Sergeant Ben Offner. He advised against trying such stunts in future.

Monaco Corporation, New Zealand’s distributor for Ubisoft,  hired a marketing company to handle the event, and denied knowledge that a gun would be involved. Monaco’s marketing manager said that hiring the marketing company “was just marketing gone wrong”.

No word yet on whether the bar patrons were offered free copies of the game.

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That’s probably the longest title I’ve ever written. I don’t normally post anything about competitive gaming because it’s reasonably evident that no-one cares, with one exception. Everyone loves a major-league winner. It doesn’t get much larger than an international tournament, either. For the snooping that I’ve done, I’ve got very little information about the man himself, but word on the web is that he’s a New Zealander, and the internet’s never failed me before. Also, he went on to lose to the celebrity NFL player Matt Ryan, but that’s almost incidental to the fact that he hails from a country that doesn’t play American Football and beat all comers at the videogame version of it. Personally, I suggest we all hit up his gamertag and offer our heartfelt congratulations.

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PikPok is the new iPhone/iTouch centric developer that branched off from the Sidhe mothership a few months ago. They have released five games in total, most of them involving balls. One of their games, Bird Strike, is free for the day.

The game involves using the tilt sensor to control a sling shotted bird up through the sky aided only by fireworks.

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Is there a special someone on your friends list, someone with whom you would like to share some alone time? Perhaps create a memento to signify your feelings? The future holds good news for you. Not only this, but also, heres a podcast where we speculate what offspring would result if a leading video game developer were to co-opulate with one of the writers on this site.

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Remember when that jerk Justin Bieber went and screwed up Microsofts carefully planned announcement of Gears of War 3? Well Cliff Bleszinski finally got his day in the chair on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about his high scores in Super Mario Bros and the next installment of Gears of War.

Embedded sneakily within the “interview” is a trailer which shows us some of the new dis-shiny ash covered stuff that we should expect to see in April next year when the game releases. Also, the trailer confirms that it is officially bad ass for characters and manly men alike to have a beard.

Like an androgenous emo teen. CRAWWWWWLING INNNN MY SKIIINNNNN THESE WOUUUUNNDS THEY WILLLL NOT HEEEEALLLL... There’s something to be said for a game that you can’t just blow through in one intensive weekend. There’s also something to be said for a game that doesn’t pitch you the reason to keep playing within the first hour of gameplay. That something (the second one) is that it’s a bad idea. I’m willing to allow exceptions to that rule, but RoF is not one of them. It’s an inconsistent mess, a mish-mash of ideas overflowing with meters and gauges. While not devoid of merit, this is certainly a title only for the JRPG fans with nothing better to do.

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So here we are once again, enjoying the next instalment in the Final Fantasy series. With the thirteenth iteration, the series is just entering its troubling teens, but really the series is far from experiencing an identity crisis. Spanning a total of three discs, Final Fantasy XIII is the first single-player Final Fantasy title to make it to this generation of consoles.

Square Enix are well known for their amazing CG cut scenes, having produced two feature-length films in their time. FFXIII stays true to form. The in-game graphics are nothing to sneeze at either. It’s the best looking Final Fantasy game to date.

After one of those famous cinematics, the game starts with some Helghast-looking bad guys aboard a train. Soon you’re thrust into a battle against a flying machine. After which it opens up to a third-person view behind Lightning, a young female solider who’d probably kick the crap out of you for just being in her way.

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