Sleep Is Death is a new game by Jason Rohrer of Passage fame, and this one looks pretty darn interesting.

I did try Between which was a similar concept with two players, but couldn’t quite figure it out. Sleep Is Death is more about storytelling. Reading the previews, it’s like one person is playing the story, while the other is playing as the computer, controlling the events and all the other characters.

Of course, Rohrer’s work has been free in the past. This is the first game he’s charging for. We just need to pass that initial barrier of what we’re willing to pay for when it comes to games. Paint graphics besides, the emotional impact this game can have is more than worth any big budget title.

Jason prepared a little slideshow if you’d like to know more. There’s also a few previews after the break.

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Video games are a great form of escapism, but at what point do you draw the line? Turns out Japanese folk might draw theirs a little further out than us here in New Zealand.

I caught this on Sarcastic Gamer…….. no, it’s not a joke, it is a CNN news piece, and we all know corporate US TV has no sense of humour, other than Fox of course. The thing is, I am not sure if the fake wedding to a video game character disturbs me more than the Panda playing the keyboard. Story is old I think but I don’t remember posting it. And I definitely didn’t see the panda first time around.


Please bear with me, this is the first time I’ve attempted writing a feature like this. It’s certainly not an easy topic to discuss but I have to get started somewhere right? These opinions are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of ButtonMasher. Now onto the cynicism and judgements!

I don’t want to be a stick in the mud, but there’s no way I can actually see Project Natal succeeding. The technology is impressive, I’m not denying that, but to apply it to all things gaming, to replace the controller, it’s just not going to happen. Sure the Wii has proven to be popular, appealing to the young and old alike, but to go without a controller completely is another thing altogether.

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The fans of the original Metroid titles were a little disheartened with its move to first person With news of Metroid: Other M moving back to a 3rd person perspective and how it was being helmed by Team Ninja people sat up in their seats and waited patiently for gameplay vids. After a few pre-rendered clips being released the world finally has something they can see and start anticipating.

The trailer shows that fans of both the original series and the Prime series will both find something they like in this trailer. SNES style controls AND Prime style FPS controls with a simple flick of the wrist. The action looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see how this feels to control. I’ve been aching for a side-scrolling Metroid since Zero Houron GameBoy Advance. Hit the break for a look at the trailer. Continue reading


Via Major Nelson.

Starting today, April 1st,  through April 7th, the Xbox team are discounting 10 Xbox LIVE Arcade titles in the first ever ‘Inventory Blowout Sale.’ The sale prices are available to both Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members:

Title   Regular Price   Discounted Price   Save

South Park   800   400   50%

Super Street Fighter II HD Remix   1200   560   53%

Defense Grid   800   400   50%

Rocket Riot   800   400   50%

Mad Tracks   800   400   50%

Track & Field   400   240   40%

Lumines Live   800   400   50%

Age of Booty   800   400   50%

Schizoid   800   400   50%

Wallace & Gromit Episode 1   800   400   50%

Discounted prices will only be available until April 7th.

Eric Wall from has put together an enormous chart for your convenience, mapping out the relationships between various development studios. As stated in the post beyond the link, it’s not a definitive display (and nor could it be, in this ever changing world, unless the industry died). I will say though, that if it gets any better, I may have to do some wallpapering near the podcast area. That way I’ll be encouraged to stay seated to study it, instead of wandering over hanging cables…
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If the fanboy requested groundswell is anything to go by then Rugby fans should be seeing a new EA Sports Rugby game next year in time for the 2011 World Cup, which is to be held in New Zealand by the way.

This would be exciting as a prospect in its own right, given the massive improvements that EA have made with their sports titles over the last two years. It will be fair to expect that any game coming out of that stable will be the nearest thing you will get to a match without buying a ticket.

Expect to see a full roster of international teams, full scale management modes and the extension of the ‘be a pro’ mode that lifted this years sports offerings way ahead of their competition.

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Sometimes publishers put together some awesome themed press kits to adorn titles when sent out to media, God of War 3 got such treatment. Instead of hogging all the fun I think it should find a better home. The prize includes the game, a boxed set including a stamped coin and some papery type artwork things. Along with the kit comes a poster signed by the developers that Wugga and GaR interviewed last week, plus it’s addressed to you, ButtonMasher.

To enter just send an email to me with a story about Kratos, something about what he gets up to when he’s not killing gods and harpies. My address is brian at