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Kasumi’s Stolen Memory Review (ME2 DLC)

Posted May 2nd, 2010 by sock merchant


Kasumi’s Stolen Memory is the first premium DLC for Mass Effect 2. So far we’ve been given everything for free (provided you bought it new), so is this content worth your money? I believe it is, as its different from the stuff you’ve already played in Mass Effect 2 and its not overly expensive at 560 MS points.

You meet Kasumi on the Citadel while she speaks to you through one of the advertising kiosks (or mocks you if you don’t walk up to it straight away). Much like the Zaeed mission, once you’ve had the short chat you immediately have access to her loyalty mission.  The loyalty mission is the entirety of the DLC.  Well, that and a new submachine gun.kasumi-03-p
Kasumi needs you to help her steal back a “greybox” that was taken from her late lover/partner. A greybox is a neural implant that stores memories. Her former partner came across some sensitive information, and an arms dealer named Donovan Hock killed him to steal that information.
So you travel to a planet called Bekenstein, described as an opulent human colony) masquerading as mercenary leader. You attend some sort of “merc party” at Donovan’s mansion with the intention of breaking into his vault and stealing back the greybox. The first part of the mission involves some super secret squirrel thief activities, and then the getaway obviously turns into somewhat of a gun battle.
The first part is very different from anything you would have experienced in Mass Effect 2 before  and I quite liked it even though its fairly low on the action front. I spent a fair bit of time just walking around checking out his house and the environment outside. Kasumi is quite a cool character and it would have been nice to have her around in the game proper.
The DLC wont last you a long time however, and even with my fluffing around it only took me about an hour and a half, maybe two hours. The new submachine gun is pretty cool and I spent much of the escape sequence using it.  While the content wont last you great deal of time, it also doesn’t cost a lot. I doubt any one who is a Mass Effect 2 fan will be disappointed with this DLC.

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