This is a tough title to word, because while it is the truth, it’s not quite what many of us were hoping for. The announcement came yesterday that Sony would be teaming up with MUBI (who for the record I had never heard of) to provide movie content via the Playstation Network. The Mubi interface will be available for free from the PS3 store and will allow gamers to download movies from the Mubi range. Now the part that perhaps might let some of us down, the movies contained in the Mubi library all fall under the labels of Classical, Independent and International…. not exactly the download service that many of us have been waiting for. But great news for those of us really hanging out to download that art house Japanese movie that we had never heard of before, or are there more cinematic connoisseurs out there than I realised? The service is to launch in various countries “This Spring”

This news is unrelated to the Movie download option that has recently appeared in Australia.

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