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Metal Slug XX is the second title from the Metal Slug franchise to come to the XBLA, Metal Slug 3 being the first. The same standard ‘run & gun’ gameplay is still there with you shooting baddies while rescuing POW’s. The only differences are the addition of a new weapon and 3 new vehicles. Originally made for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, I guess Microsoft felt left out so here we are with a XBLA version. Worth it or just more of the same?

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If you have played any of the previous Metal Slug titles then you will know exactly what to expect from Metal Slug XX. The same four team members are back along with some friends from ‘The King Of Fighters’ franchise unfortunately this doesn’t mean you can roundhouse kick and dragon punch your way through Metal Slug XX. There is very little difference at all between the characters, and to rub it in there is already a DLC character available for 80 MS Points. And for the haters out there it is a 108KB download, and we all know what that means.

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A bit of extra fun can be had after you have spent around the hour mark it takes to finish the main campaign by doing it again in co-op or finding each of the 7 levels hidden path but this won’t take much longer either. The way longevity has been added to Metal Slug XX is by taking each of the levels and assigning specific goals to them. These are then dropped in the ‘Combat School’ as individual missions. With around 70 of these missions those who didn’t get enough Metal Slugging from the campaign can spend plenty of time in here trying to better their friends scores. But even with different goals you are still playing over the same old levels.

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The new lightening gun and vehicles do little to break up the ‘been there, done that’ feeling you get from Metal Slug XX. The graphics and sound all have the great Metal Slug look and feel so it really does come down to whether you are a fan hungry for more Metal Slug or not. I think all gamers should have a Metal Slug title in their library as it really is a fun franchise but really only one title is needed for most gamers, and at 1200 MS Points, Metal Slug XX is an expensive choice.

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Closing Comments.

Metal Slug XX is exactly what you would expect if you know the Metal Slug franchise. Unfortunately it is a very expensive example of such a fun franchise, I can not see where they can justify the cost of this title. Lets face it, this is a game in competition with the absolutely fantastic Shadow Complex. 1200 MS Points needs to net you something pretty darn special these days and Metal Slug XX isn’t special, let alone pretty darn special. Keep an eye out for it if it ever has 50% off, then it’s good value.

Released on 19/5/2010 for 1200 MS Points.

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