Crysis 2
The first Crysis was a pretty decent game and looked absolutely stunning. Well, it does if you have an incredibly powerful PC. Crysis 2 was announced some time back and brings two things that makes it infinitely more appealing to me. Firstly, Its multiplatform which means I can play it with my 360 pad on 360, as opposed to with my 360 pad on my PC (as I played the first). More importantly though it means I don’t have to turn down pretty much everything just to get it to run at close to 30 fps. Secondly I am led to believe it has a more urban setting. That’s just a personal preference however, I just like cities more than jungles. Jungles have loads of bugs, smoke mosnters and terrible reception, which is why I live in the city. Below you will find some in game footage of Crysis 2. Looks good to me.

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For this, the octogennial, podcast we investigate the intricacies of navigating the wild wild old west. Who to shoot, who not to shoot, how to effectively hog tie even the friskiest of prostitutes. Everything that you need to know and probably some stuff that you don’t want to know, and might even regret using.

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If there was only one way to test if someone was a man or a mouse, it would have to involve Transformers. That’s just factual. So step up, check the latest trailer after the break for Transformers: War for Cybertron and tell me that every fibre of testosterone in your body ISN’T screaming for you to pick this up on day one. Continue reading


With E3 right around the corner it’s time to get your bets on. June 15-17 – are you ready?

Each year the big three have their press conferences where they will be showing off games, unveiling some for the first time etc. And many games will be playable on the show floor.

It’s a big old spectacle and I love every minute of it, even when I’m just watching from home – 6702 miles away.

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There’s always plenty to talk about when screenshots of an upcoming game are released, we get right into the minutia of the new Call of Duty screens and also gaze forward into the future to look at what is on the gaming horizon, i.e Crackdown 2!

This week a GaR free podcast, and we experience both perfection and discovery, next week? Probably some little creatures.

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The PR machine is starting to warm up for yet another Call of Duty instalment, if you have been following the cycles you will know that this year we will be seeing Treyarch’s efforts. Here are a few new screen shots to get you thinking about your end of year purchases. It seems half of our podcast guestimates were correct, does that mean we win a prize?

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Sequelius! The new Harry Potter game based on the film, based on the book; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I: The Videogame, takes a more mature approach than it’s earlier incarnations, and acts a lot like a third-person shooter. But instead of guns,  magic spells are your weapon of choice. And of course, our young Harry can make use of cover to shield himself from discharging wands.

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