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TV3 responds to ButtonMasher re: Monday Nights campaign

Posted July 21st, 2010 by ahmad

TV3 has responded, in a way, to mriceguy’s concerns about their advert for “Something Big on Monday Nights” looking like a direct ripoff of Sony’s Kevin Butler VP commercial. ButtonMasher contacted TV3′s Director of Marketing, and his response is summarised after the break, along with an opinion from the Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Director of Marketing and Communications, Roger Beaumont, gave ButtonMasher a statement which is paraphrased below:

After a great response to our “Monday Nights” promotion, the campaign has now run its course. The intenion of the promotion was to have some fun and show viewers some of the fun to be had from Monday night movies on TV3.

When asked if he was aware of similarities between TV3′s advertisement and the Kevin Butler ads, Mr. Beaumont acknowledged that there were “some similarities” between the ads, and re-stated that their intention had been to “have some fun with it”. Further questioned on whether the ad had been intended as parody or homage, he responded by saying that it “could be interpreted as such”. The advertisement was created in house and would no longer be screened.

Earlier we also spoke to Angus Wardlaw, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, who told us that there were no laws governing such issues in advertising, and that it was up to the industry to self-govern. He said that TV advertisements have been known to borrow from art (for example), but after taking a quick look at the commercials in question, seemed a little bemused by the striking similarities between the ads. He said that “borrowing” to such extremes was largely pointless, and guessed that the ad had probably been created in house at TV3 (turns out he was right).

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