I was supposed to post this before I left on holiday.

I failed.

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“To infinity and beyond”. Ok now I’ve got that out of my system I promise not to mention it again. Toy Story 3 is the latest release from Avalanche Studios, obviously a tie in to the recently released Disney PIxar movie Toy Story 3. No-ones going to deny that movie tie in games have a unfortunate reputation for being well, rubbish. Fortunately Toy Story 3 for the most part isn’t. It’s actually pretty good.

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Gears of War’s Executive Producer Rod Fergusson is exchanging Twitter followers for bonus experience points in Gears of War 2 over the San Diego Comic-Con weekend. He’s already in over his head. Let’s make him suffer! If you’re a Gears 2 player low on rank, then next weekend is your time to play. Baiting players via his Twitter account, Fergusson made the following offer:

Ok, here’s my bribe. The SDCC XP event will be number of my followers divided by 500. So 4000 followers means 8x XP.

Wow, eight times the normal amount of experience? That sure seems like a lot! As of posting this, Rod’s nearly at 6,600 followers. That’s 13 times the experience. He’s a bit shocked.

Ok, so clearly I wasn’t expecting my followers list to grow that quickly. But yes, the higher the number, the more the experience.

How many Gears of War fans are there out there? The game has sold multiple million copies, right? Let’s milk this offer for all its worth. How can you help? Just follow GearsViking on Twitter

Thanks to nightwlf for the heads up.


It’s easy to have already been turned off reading this review simply by the fact that it’s a game based off a franchise that has been in every format already. Movies, cartoons, manga, animated cartoons, toys, collectibles and videogames, and apart from Batman: Arkham Asylum when did a popular movie/toy/cartoon franchise successfully translate into a videogame? Well, this time……. there’s MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! 😀

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Find someone that likes Crackdown more than me, I dare you. It’s not possible. You may therefore want to dismiss everything from this point on knowing that I am, even though I will try not to be, biased in some way. I was more than a little excited when I heard that Microsoft had given the nod to creating a sequel, a little disappointed that it wouldn’t be RealTimeWorlds creating it, but happy none the less that there was going to be another adventure to be had in Pacifc City. But expectations and gold lined memories can be a bugger to combat against.

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There’s just something about Lego that appeals to our inner child. Objects, worlds, and even people made out of tiny little plastic bricks. The Lego themed videogame is now a standard. It was something that didn’t exist five years ago, until Traveller’s Tales secured the rights to Lego Star Wars.

Since then we’ve had Indiana Jones, Batman, and even Rock Band turn to Lego. Sure we’ve had Lego games before, but nothing like this. The Lego games are family friendly – popular with adults and kids alike. So it wasn’t much of a stretch to tie in Harry Potter, and bring some of those Lego wizards to life. I’m still waiting on Lego Lord of the Rings by the way.

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If the last few podcasts have been a little too long then this one is probably just about right for you. Void of any real content, except for me trying to Vuvuzelerize the ButtonMasher Podcast experience.

It makes real music, it’s also the lead, and only instrument in the ButtonMasher marching band.

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Tutorial, what tutorial?

Reminding me of a game from an older generation ‘Severance Blades of Darkness’ this is a game I was sadly unaware of, yes it may have been doing the rounds outside of our territory for some time now, but sometimes ignorance can be bliss especially once the hype train has come and gone. With a learning curve steeper than the North face of The Eiger,  does Demon’s Souls deliver a fresh and invigorating take on the Action RPG or has it gone a touch too far?

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Last years UFC 2009 Undisputed was a breath of fresh air that I’d always felt guilty about never really giving the time it deserved. With boxing and wrestling videogames each respectively each becoming as boring and stupid as the sports they’re based on, UFC managed to also mimick its own sport, but it was the hallmarks of brutality and unpredictability that were driven home (okay, with maybe a side of creepy male cuddling).