I’m not sure if Billy Ray is a protective father, the impression I get from the media is that he isn’t, but they probably don’t report on the mysterious disappearances of people that try to make moves on young Miley. So given that this might well be GaR’s last podcast before he makes an unannounced exit, you better enjoy it while you can.

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It’s as if Sucker Punch has taken a few cinematic cues from Naughty Dog, in the first gameplay reveal of InFAMOUS 2 – explosions and collapsing buildings aplenty. A new face, a new voice, but this is still the same Cole-with-lightning-in-his-hands-MacGrath.

Strangely no sight of the ice powers that were hinted at in the E3 trailer. But if this video is any indication, InFAMOUS 2 is going to be a bigger and better sequel.

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