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First impression: It’s a building block game. You pick a block up, you place said block on top of another block. Really, it’s that simple. Two minutes into the game I sat there with a judging smirk on my face, thinking to myself, ‘is this it?’ Before I knew it three hours had past and I was sitting on the edge of my seat with my tongue sticking out and pure intense focus on my face. This game is brilliant!

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It's a Mafia themed game. Appropriately named. At first impressions, Mafia II is a game that knows what it wants to be. A period appropriate game inspired those classic movies, Goodfellas, The Godfather, Casino, and so on. A story of desperation, of extreme measures with no other options, of loyalty, of ever corrupting power, of revenge and tragedy. Fittingly though, like the real Mafia, beneath the attractive exterior lurks a reality which is quite unsavoury. Continue reading

Irrational released the first gameplay trailer for Bioshock Infinite last week, and…wow. Those guys really know what they are doing, but still.  As with the original Bioshock, the sense of place they achieve is well beyong what their peers are doing. I just want to play the damn thing.  The video is below, do yourself a favour and watch it. Continue reading

sackboy beta

So guess who’s back and BETA than ever (I apologise for the weak joke, even by my standards). I was fortunate enough to get access to the eagerly anticipated BETA program for Little Big Planet 2. By now you’ll be aware that the full release of the game has been delayed until Jan 2011, just a few months extra to wait and judging on what I’ve already seen, it’ll be well worth the wait.

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While digital games, aka video games are pretty awesome, there are some truly awesome gaming experiences to be had while removed from one’s television. I am talking about games you play on a table.  Crazy I know, but hear me out. The social interaction of these more traditional games is something that video games still don’t come close to (in my humble opinion of course). Over the next while I will be bringing some of the better examples to your attention. I know quite a few of the Mashers quite enjoy them already, but I get the impression most of you folks tend to stick to digital ones. I will discuss some of the better board games, card games and tabletop miniature games in the hope that by some slim chance you may be persuaded to give them a try. You might find you like them quite a bit.

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Triple digits aren’t anything special. That’s why we have a special guest on to celebrate episode #93. It’s everyone’s favourite ButtonMasher UFC champion, TimProvise! With him on board, we have five minds to tackle important topics like “Provise” as a last name (pro or con?), lukewarm disagreement about the supposed merits of Mafia 2, and just what is a “shuck, shuck, doot-doot-doot”, anyway? All this and more, on this weeks ButtonMasher Podcast!

I recently had the opportunity to have a play around with both Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect devices. While both seem to be a bit late to the movement controls for gaming, they are both launching very soon (move might be out by the time you read this). I did not get a massive amount of time on either so these impressions won’t be too long. More of a first impression for me.

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It’s always going to be the last Halo game isn’t it? I’m sure I finished the fight already, then last year I had to revisit New Mombasa to clean up the city a little bit, and now I find myself travelling even further back in the Halo annals to relive the period of the fall of Reach. I thought that all the fun from the Halo universe had been tapped and ready to be filed along with other once great franchises that took it a little too far in search of recapturing its original appeal and a few assured bucks to stuff into an already bulging wallet. Turns out Bungie thinks a little differently than I, good thing they had some good ideas to back up this 6th entry into the franchise.

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Microsoft really do like their Halo live action trailers don’t they?

A new trailer has been released to promote the imminent release of the latest Halo game. This one obviously can’t rely on the on camera charisma of the Master Chief. Instead it needs a big football like bomb, it actually reminds me of how they stop helicopters in the expendables. Vid after the break.

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Hate mail isn’t something we normally receive, I guess people just don’t care enough about things. In a round about way this could probably be considered my form of hate mail.

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