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First impression: It’s a building block game. You pick a block up, you place said block on top of another block. Really, it’s that simple. Two minutes into the game I sat there with a judging smirk on my face, thinking to myself, ‘is this it?’ Before I knew it three hours had past and I was sitting on the edge of my seat with my tongue sticking out and pure intense focus on my face. This game is brilliant!

Tumble is a PlayStation Network game for the PS3. It’s controlled exclusively with the PS Move controller. The controls are simple but flawless. You grab, twist, rotate, flick spin and drop blocks with ease as you complete set tasks on about 70 single player levels. Tasks such as building towers, stacking certain amounts of blocks on a static/rotating/moving platform, balancing odd shaped blocks to reach a certain height, destroying prebuilt towers with carefully placed explosives, guiding a laser light through markers with mirrored and coloured blocks and more.

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Levels are unlocked by winning medals, there are typically five medals available for most levels, three of the five medals are obvious and typically quite easy to achieve (even further on in the later stages) but the other two are a little trickier to figure out. Stacking blocks in a specific order or using a certain technique will unlock the other medals, but I’ll have to admit I couldn’t figure out how to get a lot of them. Regardless you’re awarded enough medals to progress with out getting all of them.

As well as a single player campaign there is a multiplayer system. Unfortunately not online but the local multiplayer proved great fun. I’m also happy to say it doesn’t require multiple controllers, most (not all) of the game types can be played by passing the controller between up to four players. There’s tournament and quick play options, from quick fire rounds to long competitive tournaments.

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Visually the game looks fantastic, bright and colourful. Although I was unable to test but it does have the option to enable 3D visuals. I can only imagine that’ll add incredible depth to a already good looking enjoyable game.

To be perfectly honest if I’d just seen a game play video of Tumble I probably wouldn’t have been impressed. To someone standing back watching it really is just messing around with blocks. But once you get into it and begin playing with the physics and begin to understand how the different materials of the blocks interact with each other that you begin to appreciate just how deep and satisfying the game is.

Considering there aren’t a lot of great games available for the PS Move right now, Tumble really is one of the show case titles. Even if the game wasn’t fun (and it is), it’s the ideal game to show friends just how responsive and effective the Move controller can be. It’s a step in the right direction for motion controlled gaming. Maybe not a must buy, but you must at least try the demo.

Full game available now the the PSN for $18.90NZD.

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