Most ingenious products share a common theme – a simple concept that immediately has you thinking “why didn’t I think of that”. The newly released “Grip-iT” analogue stick covers fall into this category – an incredibly simple (and inexpensive) product that serves a useful purpose and is hard to fault.

Grip-iT covers are simply rubber covers for your analogue sticks, which serve several functions:

  • Provide additional grip between your thumbs and analogue sticks, which allegedly improve your k/d ratio (YMMV)
  • Protect your analogue sticks from wear – the sticks are usually the first and fastest part of your controller to deteriorate
  • If your sticks are already worn down or damaged, these covers will breathe new life into an old controller which might otherwise have been thrown out

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This one’s a bit different, eh?  Music games in general, and Guitar Hero in particular, have been making a point of becoming more multiplayer friendly, and more appealing to casual players.  GH:WoR doesn’t mess about with an easily accessible setlist and default party mode, oh no, this one’s about the campaign.  Yes, in a rhythm game.  Yes, I said “campaign.”  It really is the word that best fits, just pipping the game’s own term for it, “Quest,” by virtue of being possible to say aloud without cringing.

Y’see, this one has a story line.  It’s ’80s hair metal embarrassing and ’70s prog rock dorky, but it seems to be the game’s reason for being.  The intro sequence depicts a heavy metal viking warrior being defeated in single combat by a giant steampunk  robot mech thing, and losing his magical axe/guitar.  In a volcano.    And that I can relate to.  From there “quest” begins, and you’re off recruiting band members and unearthing the axetar so that you can triumph over… bad robots, presumably.  I kinda lost track.

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It looks like Sony will finally be leveraging its position as a Mobile phone maker as well as a video game machine maker. Engadget has posted some info about the first official details for the apparently soon to be released handset.

I don’t know if my ever aging thumbs will be mashing away on those buttons as comfortably as they might on a console controller but heck, it’s got a touch screen and promises to at least keep Apple on their toes on the mobile gaming front.

We’ll post more info when Sony NZ announce their plans.

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This is the name of the game.
There aren’t many concepts that I’ve found more appealing than a mall full of zombies, as found in Dead Rising, which now seems like it was released a lifetime ago. Similarly chronologically spaced from the original, Dead Rising 2 takes place several years later. The zombie outbreak wasn’t contained in Willamette, Colorado, and now a drug, Zombrex is used to temporarily hold of the zombification process for those that have been bitten. You take control of the father of one such unfortunate individual, and divide your time between uncovering the truth about the latest horrible outbreak, saving survivors, and finding more Zombrex.

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Yeesh, someone has their cranky pants on tonight! Their loud, obnoxious, Magic Powder eating cranky pants! A lot of this episode is dedicated to debating why or why not certain topics are relevant, in length, instead of just saving some time and simply talking about them. Enjoy!


I’m not going to sugar coat it, this podcast is running on a full tank of gas, and not in the good way, because by “gas”, I mean “tequila”. We still manage a few laughs which probably won’t be funny to anyone else because they’re visual gags, though, so I think it’s a net gain. Later we went and had more alcohol. I had a “Russian Car Bomb”. Delicious.

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Another tongue in cheek outing from London based Mediatonic and you can certainly say they have a sense of humour, as it doesn’t take long for the cleverly engineered title to sink in.

The game is very much in the style of their previous release ‘Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess’ which we reviewed back in April. A style comprising of 2d sprites, a muted purple hued palette and some chunky presentation. This is not a bad thing in particular, it does show that the team know their brand and are not afraid to maintain a familiar feel.

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It’s been a long time between drinks for the F1 franchise.  Not since F1 CE on the PS3 have we had a officially licensed opportunity to race our favourite F1 cars around some of the most glamorous and spectacular circuits in the world. Racing veterans Codemasters have secured the rights to the F1 series and utilizing a modified version of their tried and tested NEON engine called EGO, we now have their latest attempt at a F1 racer.

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Is it stealing, if someone doesn’t organise pizza for everyone, and instead just brings a pizza for himself, and then attempts to make up for his lack of vision by offering a slice, and that offer is accepted? Is that stealing? I didn’t think it was stealing. Weird. Oh yeah, speaking of weird, here’s another podcast posted on the day of recording. Yes yes, stop the world, you want to get off, etc…


Call me a cynic, but when the latest game in a series plasters the word “NEW” all over the game cover and within the game menus to highlight the additions and changes, it makes me suspect that the incremental updates to the game are so minor that if they weren’t pointed out then gamers would complain that they were being sold the same game for a new price. These were the thoughts running through my mind as I booted up FIFA 11 and watched the intro sequence which had “NEW” overlaid all over it telling me about all the new features of this year’s game (was that a new feature too?).

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