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Another tongue in cheek outing from London based Mediatonic and you can certainly say they have a sense of humour, as it doesn’t take long for the cleverly engineered title to sink in.

The game is very much in the style of their previous release ‘Monsters (probably) Stole My Princess’ which we reviewed back in April. A style comprising of 2d sprites, a muted purple hued palette and some chunky presentation. This is not a bad thing in particular, it does show that the team know their brand and are not afraid to maintain a familiar feel.

In playing the gamer takes control of an indestructible hero constantly flying from left to right across the screen, enemies parade in from the right to the left and it’s your job to destroy them all. The creatures come a few flavours, the smallest are you main target, let too many through and it’s game over – so recognising their patterns is key. Then there are a couple of larger creatures, the largest being an end of level boss that has to be destroyed in sections, the other sizes are simply more of an obstacle. There is some variation of enemy through the story levels and though their attacks may look different, they are all designed pretty much with the purpose of holding you up for a few vital seconds.

By holding down the ‘X’ button you will unleash a constant stream of laser death into the oncoming creatures. As you laser hits more beasties and your combo meter grows you will be able to press the ‘square’ button to unleash a temporary power up, a couple of which are somewhat satisfying.

Bearing in mind that your ‘life’ as such is represented by the health of the city which starts at a figure and reduces by one every time one of the creatures gets past you, there are some unlockable rewards for perfectly completed levels, but that would take more patience than I have.

The levels are spread across a number of story levels, each slightly harder per city and if you follow the cartoon comic style narrative an episode in your destructive past. Clear a level and you will be granted a performance medal, clear a city and you collect an artifact, completion also grants access to one of four infinity modes and some pre-set challenges.

The gameplay is quite fast in parts and I imagine better suited to the PSP, I found the controls on a PS3 over twitchy and responsive with the Dualshock.

The narrative and cutscenes are typical Mediatonic in their style and delivery, I will say some thought has gone into the entertainment here, but I will not pretend that it didn’t take me very long to start hitting the skip button. The humour is very clearly aimed at the school playground and the story is centred around your trial for destroying/failing to protect the city, I think, as I said there is a skip button.

WTF in action.

Closing comment

The developers have again released a product which has a few minutes of entertainment for adults, but which would probably suit the younger market down to the ground, the challenges and rewards may be there to encourage some replay, but I cannot see myself firing WTF! up again unless I am really bored. That is not to say it is a bad product, I do feel it is a step up over Monsters – just that it’s not for me.

I also believe that the industry needs people like this and hold out hope that one of their next titles will be the one that brings us closer together.

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