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Most video games based on Super Heroes are decidedly average, at best. You would think having all this money invested in the rights to use these world famous dispensers of justice that a lot more effort would be put in to the games. Maybe it is because so much money is spent on the rights that development misses out, who knows? Anyway, along came Batman: Arkham Asylum proving that super hero games can be bloody awesome. Maybe the formula is to not base your game on a Hollywood movie. Lets see if it works for our friendly neighbourhood web slinger.

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The awesome thing about podcast malfunctions is that you have all this material that is not only unused, but well-practised, too! We at the ButtonMasher Podcast Crew apologise for last week’s (yesterday’s) paltry offering, and offer in reparation, this drunken, full length podcast! Fueled by limoncello! Or something. Whatever, it tasted nice, so I drank it. Hey, you don’t get to judge me, buddy, alright!?

Enslaved: Odyssey To The West is a third person action/adventure title set on post apocalyptic earth. While post apocalyptic settings have become all the rage (what pun?), the world Enslaved presents is pretty much the antithesis of what we’ve come to expect. This is no brown and grey wasteland, but rather a world so bright and green that you may be led to believe someone has messed with your saturation settings. Continue reading


I’m not really sure that this podcast should be considered a numbered sequel. Personally it should be a spinoff episode entitled “How Not To Record A Podcast.” Please be warned that the recording ends abruptly and without warning (something to do with dilithium crystals and giving her all she’s got,) so for your emotional well being, we recommend you not form any strong attachments to this episode.