It deserves perhaps a little more fanfare than it got, given that we’re now in the triple digits, and it’ll be Brian’s last podcast for a little while, but (A) we’ve reached episode 100 before, in another life, and (B) I’m sure this is hardly the last we’ve heard from Brian. Still, I must get a little sappy and say that it has been a pleasure and a learning experience ever since the first time we got together with a couple of crappy headsets and a computer. So safe travels, and may you not miss any opportunities presented to you on your new adventure, Brian.

In the meantime, the general consensus is that four mouths are better than three, so please send your audition MP3s to wugga@buttonmasher.co.nz. FUN FACT: After recording finished, James actually took home Wet to play for himself, so look forward to hearing about THAT on the next episode!

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