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I haven’t watched any big time wrestling since Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake ruled the roost and going hand in hand with that, the last real wrestling game I played was probably Championship Wrestling on the C64. From what I have gathered now, the modern WWE is more about soap opera drama than hardcore, super cool wrestling bouts. What would the Bushwhackers say about that! So with only recognising a couple of names in the 2011 roster, lets see if this wrestling game climbs to the top rope or slumps to the mat….

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On the eve of the hundredth episode, Gar’s nowhere to be found. That’s okay though, because we managed to put together a reasonably lengthy podcast without him, and weirdly, it’s just as meme-filled, maybe more so? Speaking of which, I actually say during the podcast that I’ll post links to two of them, so here: Forever Alone and Sidetalkin’!