Is 2011 the year of the remake? While Beyond Good & Evil is getting a bit of treatment it’s nothing compared to the just announced Abe’s Oddysee HD. Which is currently being developed by Just Add Water, the same developers working on the HD version of Oddworld Inhabitant’s last game, Stranger’s Wrath.

From the sounds of things, the two developers are wanting to stay as close to the original as possible, and are keeping the same gameplay and puzzles. If you remember, the original game was in 2D. So the entire game is basically being rebuilt, as a 2.5D sidescroller.

Now if you go back and play Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, it still plays fine, but the graphics are a little dated. Hopefully the new 3D presentation won’t ruin the game’s charm.

After all the rumours, Sony have finally let loose. The rumoured PSP2 (codenamed the NGP) was unveiled today at Sony’s 2011 PlayStation Meeting in Japan.

The NGP (Next Generation Portable) is releasing at the end of this year. Any guesses at the real name? PSP Move? PSP Future? PSP 2.0? The PSP? NGPSP?

The first thing you’ll notice is that there are now two analog sticks. Looks like Sony listens to its criticisms after all!

It’s touch screen as confirmed early on. And what is this, a touchpad on the back?

Guess what else is crazy? Games now come on flash cards (DS-like cartridges). Bizarre, but makes sense, getting rid of the complaints against the UMD-less PSP Go.

The NGP is packed full of all sorts of tech. Just whack those features on there Sony! 
OLED display, front and rear cameras, microphone, GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, and motion sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, & electronic compass). Full specs over on

As for the games… PS3 games are being ported over (Sony says this is quite an easy process): including Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted, and Resistance. As well as other familiar franchises Call of Duty and LittleBigPlanet. The NGP is of course backwards compatible with digital download PSP titles and other PlayStation Store content.

Official pics over on Flickr. Don’t forget to have a peek at the back of it.


It’s not an emergency, it’s just a number like the rest of them. It’s a week of anticipation with some release dates being announced, demos coming out, and then all comes crashing back to earth with some lay-offs and closures. R.I.P, Bizarre Creations.

Nintendo have announced the release dates and prices for their newfangled handheld, the 3DS.

February 26 – 25000Y in Japan.
March 25 – €249.99 in Europe ($439.76 NZD at current exchange rate), £219 to £229.99 in UK ($457.28 NZD at current exchange rate).
March 27 – $249.99 in America.

No official release date or price for Australia/New Zealand at this time.

Importers beware, the 3DS is region locked to Japan, America, and Europe/Australia (If you’re planning on going this route, it might be the one you want to go for).

Update: As reported by Game Console, Nintendo Australia have confirmed the 3DS is scheduled to drop for us & Australia sometime in March.

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Square Enix’s media event in Tokyo showed off trailers for some of its new games in the pipeline including Kingdom Hearts 3D, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Type-0 and Dissidia Duodecim.

As well as a new announcement: Final Fantasy XIII-2. Releasing next Summer.

While I found last year’s Final Fantasy XIII a little underwhelming, I’m sure some fans might be excited about this sequel’s existence. Will be interesting to see if Square Enix make any changes to the formula apart from an evolved battle system, so says Square Enix’s brand manager, Adrian Arnese.

If you know your Japanese, there’s a teaser trailer after the break (spoiler alert: begins with the ending from the last game). Lightning has a new costume, and a mysterious new friend/adversary, also seen in the game’s logo.

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Short, sweet, and early for this podcast. Quite a few topics are touched on, but only one of them sits in the back of our minds, along with the phrase “oh god, is it healthy for your eyes to be doing that!?


It can be a long time between drinks when it comes to quality games worth playing on the Wii, and more often than not it is a Nintendo first-party title that gets Wii owners turning on their consoles again. The long list of colourful Nintendo characters and IPs always somehow manage to freshen their appeal, usually without making dealbreaking changes to the classic formula, and Donkey Kong Country Returns is one game that will regenerate interest in the Donkey Kong series for old and new fans alike.

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Slurred voices, dead tired talkers… it can only mean the post-holiday fatigue has set in. And this description probably reflects that.

Torchlight, the popular Diablo clone, is coming to XBLA as part of Microsoft’s “House Party” line-up. beginning February 16th along with Beyond Good & Evil HD, Bejeweled Blitz Live, Hard Corps Uprising, and Full House Poker.

Torchlight is a pretty neat game (even though I’m still only partway through it!), and it can hold you over until Diablo III arrives. Its sequel is also set to land this year.