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So you like your games with lots of blood? How about squashing heads and impaling corpses on big spikes? Or even having your arm ripped off only to have it grow back and be able to pick up your ‘old’ arm and beat your opponents around the head with it? Sounds like you? Then add a copious amount of swearing, some racy photos of your girlfriend and a psychotic mask with a massive desire for blood and you have Splatterhouse, a revisit to the classic late 80’s/early 90’s coin-ops of the same title. And if you haven’t guessed by now, Splatterhouse is a very graphic game not suitable for kids to watch, let alone play. To be honest, even my Wife didn’t like the violence portrayed in it.

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You’d think with a man down, no news and not many games being played, that a podcast would be pretty short. But it turns out that talking about an entire year, even one that can only be considered a ‘work in progress’ overrules that. Also, Gar’s not in this one and still we manage to talk about something called “dildo armour.” Work that one out.

This Aurora Desktop is Alienware’s 2010 model PC. It’s black, bulky, and a real beast of a machine.

Measuring 16.77 inches high and 25.39 inches long, you’re going to need a decent amount of space for it. Getting it there might be a challenge too. It’s not the most portable of computers weighing a hefty 20.41 kg.

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