We’re obviously off our game, Super Meat Boy had an update with the new levels that were promised, and we totally didn’t mention it. But we got the fact that you can now get Pat Benetar’s Shadows Of The Night via Rock Band, so at least we’re still trying!

TTGI guess if Sam & Max, Monkey Island and then Back to the Future can be reincarnated to rejuvenate the long dead genre of adventure games, then that was only ever going to be the beginning. Next up Telltale has announced/confirmed games for Jurassic Park (I’m hoping there’s a scene where you click on the electric fence and one of the annoying kids get shocked,) Walking Dead, and a freakin’ reboot of King’s Quest! As one of my earlier gaming memories, King’s Quest will be of personal interest to me. No word on Roberta Williams’ involvement (it’s unlikely, in my mind,) and thankfully the fan-made sequel, The Silver Lining, remains unaffected (and I should probably check that out, now that I’ve reminded myself of it.)

That Dead Island trailer was something moving, to be sure, but only one gaming related video on the internet this week managed to make me feel all kinds of morose and wonder why I don’t keep a bottle of hard liquor in my kitchen at all times.

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Metropolis Street Racer confused and intrigued me. Project Gotham Racing just intrigued. PGR2 made me believe that online gaming on consoles could be a real thing. Geometry Wars made me glad to know that I wasn’t along in thinking retro games still had appealing factors. PGR3, PGR4, and the subsequent GW: Retro Evolved games were like a friendly nudge and a wink that said “we think it’s good, you know it’s good, stick with us; there’s more to see.” The Club made me hopeful that there were people interested in challenging the norms of the FPS genre. And Blur? Well, Blur was just cool. Thanks for the fun times, BC.

It’s relatively old news now, but somehow things like this become more real to me when someone changes up the lyrics to American Pie to fit the situation.

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For those unaware, the latest earnings call for Activision announced that the Hero brand would no longer be exploited. Probably because there was nothing left to exploit. I’ve been spouting the superiority of the Rock Band franchise for the longest time, but no one wants to be right in this fashion. With the ill-fated Power Gig: Rise Of The Six String and Rock Revolution, this latest development leaves Rock Band with an unquestionable monopoly on the grander music gaming experience. DLC for DJ Hero and Guitar Hero is also seemingly at an end, with no plans to release any more after the already announced packs for February. Hopefully some good will come from this, in the form of a hard lesson learned by Activision: Squeezing the goose that lays the golden eggs generally has a detrimental effect on the goose, whilst providing no boost to production.

Dead Island was actually announced back in 2007. But it wasn’t until today that it finally caught the attention of gamers around the world.

A rather haunting, and bloody teaser trailer is the reason for this excitement,  which you’ll have to see for yourself after the break.

IGN has a few details: It’s a first-person zombie game with RPG elements, set on a tropical island in Papua New Guinea. And the focus is more realistic (as realistic as you can be with zombies), there aren’t high-powered weapons scattered about, so melee combat will play a larger role. The game also supports four-player co-op.

Of course many will compare it to the Left 4 Dead games. We’ll have to see how the game compares when Dead Island is released later this year.

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Kicking off community content, nzBrowncoat reviews Apache: Air Assault. Originally posted over on Browncoat’s blog: Interactive Nonsense.

There is something special about hovering at 1000 feet and guiding a high explosive hellfire missile from 2 kilometers away onto an unsuspecting bad guy. Apache: Air Assault has heaps of these “that was freakin’ sweet” moments. It’s a shame there are a few unnecessary shortcomings that take you out of what is otherwise an engaging helicopter sim ‘lite’.  Continue reading


What happens when you invite a South Aucklander along for the podcast? You lose furniture, get your internet jacked, and many offensive words are uttered. Listener discretion is advised. In fact, some of the time I found myself wondering if I should be listening to any of it! My innocence has been lost forever!

So we’ve seen a teaser trailer. But now we have an actual glimpse of the game in action. Although the combat and car missions look a lot like Grand Theft Auto IV, the rest of the game seems different enough to make it worth it.

From the trailer it looks like the gameplay and cut scenes seamlessly blend into each other. The game is also made up of self-contained missions, featuring various types of gameplay: Shoot-outs, punch-outs, chases by car or foot, examining evidence, and questioning witnesses.

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I hear there’s now a drinking game based around whether the ButtonMasher Podcast will run for 45 minutes or an hour and a half. This week, you’re drinking two shots!

Nintendo announced the Australian release date and price of the 3DS at an event yesterday in Sydney (March 31st, $349.95 AU). Although New Zealand wasn’t included in any of Nintendo’s announcements, Game Console spotted a NZ price on the Nintendo.com.au website: $453.

EB Games have also tweeted that they will be selling the 3DS for $449 on March 31st in black and blue.

Compared to other countries of the same region locking, the New Zealand price doesn’t look that bad. Now that we’ve got the official price, who will be ordering one come end of March?

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