It’s relatively old news now, but somehow things like this become more real to me when someone changes up the lyrics to American Pie to fit the situation.

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For those unaware, the latest earnings call for Activision announced that the Hero brand would no longer be exploited. Probably because there was nothing left to exploit. I’ve been spouting the superiority of the Rock Band franchise for the longest time, but no one wants to be right in this fashion. With the ill-fated Power Gig: Rise Of The Six String and Rock Revolution, this latest development leaves Rock Band with an unquestionable monopoly on the grander music gaming experience. DLC for DJ Hero and Guitar Hero is also seemingly at an end, with no plans to release any more after the already announced packs for February. Hopefully some good will come from this, in the form of a hard lesson learned by Activision: Squeezing the goose that lays the golden eggs generally has a detrimental effect on the goose, whilst providing no boost to production.

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