Sucker Punch Productions kept a big secret. While we’ve known about Infamous 2 for a while now, none of us could’ve guessed Infamous 2 was going to be anything other than just another hit sequel. That a secret feature would be included which may end up changing the game completely.

Inspired by level creators like LittleBigPlanet, Sucker Punch built in the option for user-created missions. Now just like you would Sackboy, you can plonk Cole into a mission shared from the other side of the world. So once you start playing Infamous 2 you’ll never have to stop — EVER AGAIN.

From the sounds of things it’s actually quite an open system, something akin to Halo’s Forge editor.

A limited Beta will open in April. What next Sucker Punch, are you going to unveil another secret feature — multiplayer?

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This week: Stuff. Also, we hypothesise what it must be like to be a censor. I guess they probably don’t call themselves straight up ‘censors’. Probably something like ‘officer of film and literature classification’. Also! Gar says something like “validity of sewage” at some point, which made me chuckle. Concrete and The Flintstones is also discussed.

Twisted Pixel finally drop us a gameplay trailer for Ms. Splosion Man. And it’s kinda what you expected it to be. More of the same, but also a little different.

For starters Ms. Splosion Man fixes my one gripe with the first game: Locations. The entire game was set in a laboratory and the whole sciency vibe started to get quite stale. Things do appear more crazy in this spin-off. As well as the lab we now have flying cars, and tropical islands. So there you go!

The trailer also highlights Ms. Splosion Man’s ‘interesting’ voice track. Hopefully a mute option comes along with it. The most I ever heard out of Splosion Man was cake lust and the odd giggle. Ms. Splosion Man sounds like she’s going to give us a right earful of cliché girly mannerisms.

Not one to end on a down note, the actual platforming looks as solid as ever. Watch for yourself…

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While others are only just getting their first “hands-on” previews of Nintendo’s brand new 3DS handheld, ButtonMasher’s Man in Japan 8-bit has got his hands on a hot launch console in Japan and kindly agreed to share his thoughts with us – the first Nintendo 3DS review published in New Zealand! Our thanks also go out to fellow ButtonMasher community member ZedameX (who himself has received an import unit) for his contribution to this review. Actual photos of the unit will be uploaded shortly.

This is a review of the Japanese 3DS. I have tried my best where possible to use the official English names for games, applications and features.

Nintendo is first off the block in the next generation of handhelds with the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan last Saturday. It boasts a glasses-less 3D screen, improved graphics, and unique connectivity experiences with other 3DS users. But will it live up to its predecessor which stands king of the handhelds with over 144,000,000 units sold?

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