Ubisoft’s Outland launched this week on Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network – though, wait a minute, that’s apparently still down at the moment – bummer…

From the developers of Super Stardust HD, Outland combines a platformer with the colour managing gameplay of Ikaruga. And all complete with a tasty art style to match. Outland sure looks like a title that could be well worth checking out.

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When developers Mobile1Up ported Lemmings to the iPhone last year, the project was short-lived. As reported by Touch Arcade, The Lemmings IP is currently owned by Sony, and they didn’t like the idea of an unofficial port — not one bit.

Mobile1Up were not deterred. Earlier this month they released a recreation of the original Lemmings, level for level, using their own graphics, sound effects, and music. The adorable green-haired Lemmings are replaced with cavemen in the aptly named app, Caveman, available on iOS devices, including iPad. Supposedly it doesn’t infringe on copyrights, but if you’ve been wanting that Lemmings experience on your Apple device, you might want to go pick it up sooner rather than later – you know, just in case.


There’s some crazy stuff going on in the news, from the new Nintendo console confirmed for announcement, to the shenanigans on-going with the PlayStation Network. Inspired by our amazing segues in the past, we decided to make things a little more challenging by having pre-written segues thrown into a hat and drawn randomly during the podcast. As you can imagine, that idea quickly turned filthy. Listener discretion is advised (though really, no more than normal.)


I was a proper fan of SOCOM 1 and 2 back in the day. I was blown away with technology available where i could tell my squad members where to go and for the most part, it worked pretty damn well. And no amount of mocking from my partner at the time would stop me. Sure I looked like a dick, but it was great fun. Now I’ll admit I never got into Socom Confrontational. Being online only and with few of my good PSN friends playing it wasn’t really a option for me. But now Socom is back and sporting a proper single player campaign I couldn’t resist. “Bravo… stealth too… Charlie…”

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Sony’s Playstation Blog has some distressing news about the security breach that has caused the now nearly week-long outage of PSN.  Personal information on PSN users has been compromised; Sony has yet to determine whether credit card info has been accessed also, saying that while there is no evidence that it has been, it cannot yet be ruled out.

See the Playstation Blog for the full press release.


A Q&A has been posted with some good info about the issue (and a few “no comment”s).

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The humble Commodore Amiga and the Bitmap Brothers – if ever there was a match made in heaven this was it, a development team with it’s own very particular style and the ability to milk limited hardware for every ounce of ability.

The combination delivered some of the most enduring games and franchises of that particular generation and some personal favourites of mine, which as noted in a recent post are reportedly on their way back to me via the iOS store.

Speedball 2 Evolution is the first step.

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I’m afraid in this segment I lose the plot entirely and start arguing with myself. I’m sorry you had to see me this way…

So Mriceguy, what have you been playing lately?
Well, wouldn’t you like to know? Oh… you would? Sorry for the hostility my friend. Before I get into specifics I’d like to briefly talk about the topic of finishing games. That okay?

Go ahead. It’s not like I have all day or anything to listen to your babbling.
I’ll ignore that. So.. ahem.. Some time ago I was contemplating giving up gaming entirely. Having a never-ending bucket of games isn’t easy y’know. The bucket keeps on filling, and there’s still those games right down at the bottom that I just never got to. I was my own worst enemy, and I nagged myself until I could nag no more. So I took a break.

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Originally released on PC all the way back in 2009, it seems odd to release it on XBLA now. But there’s still time between games. The sequel is set to land this year, as well as a certain Diablo game with any luck. 

I first played Torchlight in January last year after buying it in a Steam sale. It ran fine on my computer, excellent in fact considering the state of my laptop. But I didn’t end up playing much of it.

Cue 2011 and I have the XBLA version. Time for round two.

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When will they give up? Apparently never. To celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, Sonic The Hedgehog is back, now with two Sonics; the modern version, and the other a little pudgier, more akin to the classic Sonic games. Sonic Generations is the title. It’s a very colourful display of 2D and 3D perspective changes

If you’re going to give Sonic just that one more chance, the game releases around Christmas. In the meantime you can listen to a free remix album of classic Sonic tracks — that’s right, an album. It’s a fan-made project I recently discovered and recommend you give it a listen. If Sonic’s not your thing, you might find something more down your alley over at ocremix.org.

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MightyApe.co.nz has become a bit like Briscoes lately, in a perpetual state of SALE. It feels like I’ve received an e-mail every week for a while now to alert me of whatever category of games they’ve reduced prices on. It all appears to have culminated in this weekend with their “Huge Easter Sale”.The problem with any sale like this is that there’s a lot of chaff to separate from the wheat. Which is where I come in. Since I’ve lately taken to obsessively going through the pages of items on sale, I’ve compiled a list of significantly worthy purchases. Basically I’ve gone through the lot and removed everything that’s either rubbish or still just a little to expensive to recommend whole-heartedly. Continue reading