Many PlayStation users are experiencing (myself included) difficulties logging onto the PSN. For the past several days  now I’ve personally been having issues logging on with my PS3 and PSP. Only intermittently and with persistence it’s logged on. But not tonight. Reports on social networking sites like Twitter indicate the the entire PlayStation network worldwide has failed. No news yet as to what had caused the outage. It could be anyone’s guess. For a free service it’s hard to complain too much, but how much more can consumers take before they start looking at other platforms for their online gaming fix?

UPDATE: Via PlaystationEU twitter feed. “PSN is currently down for maintenance. We’ll update you with timeframes as soon as we can”.

I love that word ‘maintenance’. It covers all manner of sins.

UPDATE 2: Via “An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services.” Sony have effectively turned off Internet access so they can investigate. So this extended outage is all caused by some  mischievous, good for nothing hackers.


I’m sure the 3DS does its tricks well, but does it offer snappy handheld gaming with bags of my favourite prerequisite replayability?

I stumbled across an interesting bit of kit this week on the interwebs and it got me quite excited, not only does it have the fantasy name of some cookie cutter Manga hero it is possibly the most exciting Nintendo related console I am likely to ever see. It is a handheld unit, not unlike a controller, complete with a colour 3.5″ LCD screen that plays SNES cartridges, the developer admits to only testing with US cartridges, although one of the images on their site looks quite PAL shaped to me. With a reported 5.5 hrs battery life, that would be more than enough time to grab a Mario Kart fix on the bus.

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Or rather, another Law & Order game, a quick google will reveal that the new project underway at Tell Tale games isn’t a first at approaching this IP. Something troubles me however, the Tell Tale site boasting a 2011 projected release doesn’t boast the gawdy red and blue logo that many of us automatically associate with the TV series. Sleek and streamlined, it’s almost a little too clinical if you ask me. Does this allude to the possibility that liberties will be taken with Law and Order, a series that spawned such great series’ as Law & Order SVU, or Law & Order Criminal Intent? Look, if it’s good enough for Ice T and the resurrected Private Pyle then its good enough for me. So why change it Tell Tale?



You probably won’t notice, but more work went into editing this podcast than has been done in a long time. Why don’t you notice things like that? It’s just like that time I got all made up and wore a new dress, and you didn’t even remember that it was our two point three six five year anniversary. I think we need to talk.


Rumour: Reports are circuiting that the UMD’less PSPgo production has been cancelled and that no more units will be sent to retail. It safe to say the PSPgo hasn’t been well received by gamers, the high price tag and limited (compared with UMD) games available on the PlayStation Store has meant the console has been fighting a uphill battle. I believe the PSPgo was never created as a replacement for the current model PSP 3000 but as a alternative for those wanting a more portable portable. Part of me is sad to see it end this way. As a happy PSPgo owner (once the price dropped) I can confirm it really is a impressive piece of kit. But perhaps I’m the minority. RIP little buddy.

I don’t know why I say yes to things.  I think it could be considered a character flaw.

It is now some five years since I cast off the shackles of World of Warcraft and painstakingly pieced the shattered fragments of my life back together.  What, I asked myself, am I doing diving into another MMO?

Luckily DC Universe Online pulled its first punch by using my entire data cap to update.  This was basically at launch, you understand.  And it didn’t involve downloading the game itself ; that would have bumped the tally up by another 12 or 14 gigs.  So my first week and a half of playing involved me not playing.  Or browsing the net.  A stellar start.

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Guess what? If you’ve got PlayStation Plus, you are automatically enrolled for the upcoming Uncharted 3 Beta on June 28th. Fear not if you aren’t, you can also get into the Beta early by picking up InFamous 2. Other than that, I guess you could close your eyes and pray for July 5th to come, when the beta is officially open to all PS3 owners.

Naughty Dog are promising much deeper character and weapon customization this time around. As well as levels that change up the playing field, with collapsing buildings, and planes that hurtle down the runway – with you aboard for the ride! All of this will hopefully make the multiplayer feel a lot more cinematic, just like the much-loved campaign in Uncharted 2. Take a peek at U3’s multiplayer offerings after the break.

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Yeah, that’s just a run-of-the-mill headline.

As the GLaDOS@home project nears completion, GLaDOS has suddenly decided to utilize the “starch-based power cells” in order to overclock the CPUs beings used to accelerate her launch sequence. Essentially, this means that every player contributing to one of the remaining unfinished Potato Pack games will now perform calculations twice as fast as before. Based on current timing analysis, the overclocking will last for the remainder of the ARG.

So, getting down to brass tax: when is this thing out? It’s still hazy, but current estimates put the completion time at just about April 19th, 3 AM GMT, or 3 PM New Zealand standard. Time to call in sick, perhaps.

So, did Valve have this thing planned out from the beginning, or are the community’s actions actually making a difference? Let us know.