3DS Australian Sales
And, to be fair, we should mention that there have only been something like five official handheld launches, but you know, still.

Numbers coming to us in 3D indicate that our fine Australian brethren have purchased over 31,000 units in a mere four days’ time. This matches the Wii’s launch in 2006, which hit a very similar 32,000 in that timeframe; Nintendo of Australia also confirms that the Wii has hit lifetime sales over yonder of 2.1 million. Not bad. That is several more than the number of times we’ve compared Wii and 3DS sales data.

Have you guys been seeing any fancy glasses-free tech around your area? Besides contact lenses, of course.

ZATAOGM (thanks for the catchy acronym, CaptainX) is a new weekly blog post, we’d probably call it a column if we were in print, detailing the trials of myself, MrIceGuy, CaptainX, or Tusock over the past four weeks. The framing device we’ll be using is that we each have to set ourselves a goal to attempt over the course of the four weeks. The goals will likely be gaming related, because, well, y’know, that’s kind of what we’re about here. In actual fact, the conception and gestation of this concept happened within the last week, robbing me of the four weeks I’d actually be writing about, and truncating the timeframes of my cohorts. Thankfully, I game in a fairly structured way, so I’ve no end of goals thanks to ones I’ve set in the past. Though I guess the sheer amount of incomplete goals probably tells you how unstructured I really am. Beyond the break is what I attempted, and a short list of goals I’ve set myself in the past and never gotten around to. Continue reading

iOS & Android
In what should come as a surprise to no one, a recent report by Flurry shows the increasing market share of both Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS in both the overall and portable gaming market in the United States.

Overall, there was no massive jump: iOS and Android comprised 5% of all gaming revenue in 2009, which jumped to 8% in 2010. However, it’s worth nothing that this growth came solely at the expense of portable gaming (the Nintendo DS and PSP, in particular), as console revenue share actually increased during this timeframe. So, to get a better idea of the effect of Android and iOS, Flurry also took a more detailed look at portable gaming in general.

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The latest in the Humble Indie Bundle saga is a little different than bundles past, and only contains games from a single developer, Frozenbyte. I can’t vouch for the Shadowgrounds games but Trine is well worth the purchase, especially at a “pay what you want” price. Remember it comes with a code that can be redeemed in Steam, so if you like organising your games that way, the option is there for you.

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Full House Poker - Banner

Now I have to admit to being a bit of a poker fan but not a person who is willing to gamble away money I already have. So games like this where the only real money spent is on the purchase of the game suit me down to the ground. Released as the last game in this years ‘House Party’ collection after Beyond Good & Evil HD and Torchlight you would hope it is something of a special poker game, wouldn’t you.

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It feels like Star Wars has been a Weird Thing™ for the longest time. Ever since the release of episodes of one through three (or perhaps I should just say ‘the advent of Jar Jar Binks’) it’s become something that no one generation can get behind in its entirety. Stranger yet, the segmentation of the supposed target audience continues with the animated series of The Clones Wars, a show that I would hazard to say is largely unheard of by the mainstream, save for children and maybe teenagers. In contrast to this division is probably the Lego Star Wars series greatest strength: consistency. Each iteration brings the mute irreverence that seems so at odds with sci-fi nerd culture. Since taking Star Wars seriously is a path that leads not to the dark side but rather into madness, I would say Lego videogame form is better than most ways of consuming Star Wars culture at this point. Continue reading

nzBrowncoat brings us the lowdown on Crysis 2. Originally posted over on Browncoat’s blog, Interactive Nonsense.

They say clothes maketh the man.  In the case of Crysis 2 they maketh you an invisible death-dealing supersoldier. Crysis 2 is a first-person shooter that uses interesting suit abilities and brilliant visuals, to be a bit of a powerhouse for PC and console gamers alike.

Crysis was the great looking game that few played, due to the demanding PC requirements. Its second outing is a bit more market-friendly, coming to the PC in a usable form, while also being released for console gamers too. From what I can gather the story loosely follows on from the first but I say this early on, if you are looking for a powerful narrative this ain’t the place to look. Continue reading