We at ButtonMasher love getting that sweet gaming deal. Online stores have made it possible to order a game in your underwear. But what if you could get games cheaper than buying from the store, all the while in your skivvies? Impossible you say? Well, that’s where importing comes in.

Importing games has its downsides. Mail can go missing more easily, and games can take weeks, sometimes even months in the worst case scenario. The money you save however, might just make up for that.

www.nzgameshop.com opened its doors earlier this week with some rather neat discounts. The site was getting hammered and nigh unusable, but several Mashers still managed to grab a deal. The site isn’t exactly new. We’ve been able to order from its sister site www.ozgameshop.com, and daddy site www.365games.co.uk for some time now. But now we don’t have to load up xe.com and check the latest exchange rates, it’s all right there in kiwi dollars. If you have the patience, your wallet will be sure to thank you.


When I first heard about this, I assumed it was some obese guy running around in a Pac-Man mascot costume. Thankfully, that couldn’t be further from reality. It’s actually a giant grid of Pac-Man mazes, user generated, which you can enter and continuously navigate between. It seems to be something that either exists just because it can, or because some marketing guy wants to create a wave of Facebook awareness around Pac-Man, as the Facebook Connect button is pretty prominent. Regular Pac-Man doesn’t mean much to me any more since Championship Edition, so my favourite part of this is that the users are using the mazes as canvases. I know it doesn’t show up well, but on the banner, ‘What he said” is pointing to “I AM SO LONELY.”

Rumours are silly things, they get you hoping for things that you wouldn’t have dared think possible. The video game industry mill of rumour propagation is turning in overdrive at the moment at the idea of a new Nintendo console being announced at E3 this year. It wasn’t that long ago that lines to play the Wii at E3 were so ridiculous that you’d have thought something with core gaming potential was being offered up.

There is a good rumour round up over at NeoGAF. But suffice to say there are some fairly extravagant claims being made, one of them that Nintendo intends on retargeting us with this new beast. HDscreens built into the controllers? Significantly more powerful than the cancer super computing PS3? with more backwards compatability than your average Xbox 360….. magic and fairytales if you ask me. While I’d like more than anyone to have a new shiney 1080p capable toy I’ll remain a sceptic on this one, if only to enable a future ‘I told you so’

Should rumours come true rest assured that we’ll be sending along at least 40,000 people there to report back.

It’s that time of year again. The next Xbox 360 Dashboard preview is upon us for you budding beta testers. Like the Kinect Beta units proved, Microsoft is not afraid of sending out new hardware, and this time promised free copies of Halo: Reach to US participants. The reason? To test out an updated disc format. These new discs are supposed to run on all Xbox 360 consoles; white, black, red, slim, you name it. So without requiring any additional hardware, I think it’s safe to say it’s no 200 GB holo-disc.

Microsoft has not gone into detail about what exactly is different about the new discs. Rumours floating around the Internet suggest that there is a large section (1 GB) on Xbox 360 game discs that is wasted on DVD Video & copy protection, and that if freed up, developers could use this space to fit more data on the disc. Of course if that is the case, Microsoft probably has some new form of copy protection up its sleeve. Either way, more room on discs? I certainly can’t see it as a bad thing.

Few games require little introduction as Killzone 3 does. It’s predecessor on the same platform was widely accepted as one of the stand out performers of the generation to date.  When it came to graphics, gameplay, audio and multiplayer action it had few peers. Even over a year on it’s one of the show piece titles on the PS3. You’d be forgiven for assuming that Killzone 3 is considerably better in every way… well, it is!

killzone 3

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News regarding EA Sports’ #1 franchise is rarely covered at ButtonMasher because, well, New Zealand is a rugby nation. Just last night on the podcast, at least one individual (who will remain nameless) was surprised to learn that “Madden” is the name of a dude and not just some weird thing to call an American football franchise. Conversely however, I’ve been surprised on more than one occasion by evidence that the series does have some hooks sunk into the local folk that generally prefer their balls to be passed backward (why does that sound dirty?) Anyway, EA Sports has legal matters surrounding Madden; some new, some long-standing. Details past the jump. Continue reading

MSG Sale

Recently Microsoft have been running sales through the Xbox Marketplace, most of which haven’t been hugely publicised here in New Zealand. Some are making the Spotlight blade on your Xbox dash, although it seems to take a couple of days to appear. And it seems to see them via xbox.com you need to ensure you have the region set to ‘US’ even though the sales are worldwide. So as a ButtonMasher community service I will try and keep on top of these sales and let you know as soon as possible. So here is the current sale. Valid 12-18 April 2011 with some special one day items appearing 15th April (US time).