My, how quickly 4 weeks roll by…

I know I made some rash promises last time out, hoping to play some co-op, but forgetting that not everybody has the same time constraints or same wish list for games. Although there has been a core of the Buttonmasher massive getting togther for some Halo3, which has been a good sign, by the time kids are down and out and the lounge is mine then gametime for most people has come to a close.

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Hothead has announced that its working on a new The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game/book/property — we don’t really know yet. With great timing too I might add, with the news releasing on Towel Day (May 25th). An official website is up, but without much to share at this stage.

You might have played the classic Hitchhiker’s Guide text adventure — or rather, given up along the way. Hothead has made adventure-type games before, i.e. Penny Arcade Adventures, and Death Spank. I’m curious to see what it’ll turn out to be, whatever it is. Here’s hoping it’ll be more than just an interactive Hitchhiker’s Guide, but that would be cool too.

It must be stated, if you haven’t read Douglas Adam’s epic series you really are missing out. Watching the film does. not. count! That’s your homework for the next few months, people – oh, and make sure you pick up a towel too while you’re at it.


Great news, James is back! And also, we’ve developed a new martial art style called Podkasta, which is like a cross between podcasting and Karate. It’s quite a non-lethal style.

Yeah, that thing with real strings that you’ll need to pay extra for DLC if you want to use it in Pro Guitar mode? It’s coming to NZ via the Rock Shop. The news posting states that they expect stock to arrive early next week, and it’s priced at $599.00 for the guitar, plus an extra $89.00 for the MIDI box that will let you connect to your platform of choice. Personally, I was keen as anything for this, but a price tag that rivals the total retail value of all my Rock Band gear to date seems a little daunting. Is anyone else thinking of rocking out pro-style?

“Yehaaw!” you yell as the ground disappears beneath you, your car soaring into the air. You start to get that weird feeling in your stomach as gravity pulls you down again. Bouncing back onto the track you spot a building collapsing in the distance, showering the road with rubble. Your tires squeal as you turn a corner and you dodge a flaming truck, only to crash directly into a pillar.

Motorstorm will punish you. Like me, you might find yourself crashing a lot more than actually winning races. Apocalypse was my first proper play of a Motorstorm game, and I’m happy to say I came away with a smile on my face, no matter how many times I ended up at the back of the pack. While previous Motorstorm games focused on tropical islands and mountains, this one had its eyes on earthquakes.

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Now this may appeal more to our friends in Australia but EB Games will be holding the biggest gaming event in Australasian history. To be held on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of October, EB Games EXPO will showcase the hottest new release and upcoming titles playable for the first time in Australia plus exciting live presentations from international game developers spanning across 10,000 square meters at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre (GCCEC), Gold Coast, Queensland. Full press release past the break.EB Games Expo LOGO

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Some great posts from Team ZATAOGM over the last few weeks. So here I am once again. I didn’t think we’d make it this far with all the internal bickering

— That’s right. You aren’t exactly the easiest person to deal with.
Oh, you’re still here. I think you’ll find it’s the other way around mister. Anyhow, just before we get started —

— Here we go again.
Hey, now this won’t take long. Something I recently learned when it comes to games is that you can’t really stop midway through. I have on occasion continued a long dormant save file, and my play-through of Mass Effect is the perfect example, but it is far from the norm. The best solution to half-finished games is to finish them to begin with!

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