ButtonMasher is a games blog. We don’t promise to be your number one web destination or anything like that. But we do reckon you’ll have a darn good time while cruising the site or the forums, where you’ll find a great, friendly community of kiwi gamers. Check up frequently for news, previews, features and those review things. Each week tune your ears to the ButtonMasher podcast.

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The Team:

(Also goes by Ahmad)

Fighter for the best deal, and a master of retail. He will read your (consumer) rights, from Dunedin. Despite having an aversion for FPS due to motion sickness, he is a bit of a Nintendo fanboy at heart as evidenced by his launch day acquisition of the 3DS.

Email: ahmad@buttonmasher.co.nz
Gamertags: XBL: ahmadNZ, 3DS: convoluted friend code he can’t remember
Twitter: @AhmadNZ
Blogs: http://buttonmasher.co.nz/ahmad, http://geekzone.co.nz/ahmad

(Also goes by Brian Heslop)

Not much is known about Brian. Some say he started ButtonMasher. Some say he works as a chef in Hamilton. Of course nobody can prove it.

Email: brian@buttonmasher.co.nz
Gamertags: XBL: BrianemoneNZ, PSN: Brianemone
Twitter: @brian_heslop

(Also goes by Richard Armitt)

Richard is a well established writer, a self-published author in Auckland, his works include Taking Chemo on the Chin, and Sparrow’s Flight. Richard is also a regular contributor to Game Console. Having played games for at least 30 of his 41 years his spectacles are known for being retro tinted.

Email: captainx@buttonmasher.co.nz
Twitter: @KoruCottage
Gamertags: XBL captainxmas , PSN captainX-nz
Blog: http://koru-cottage.com

(Also goes by Gareth McGregor)

Gar’s the last angry man. There were more angry men, but Gar got angry and scared them away. At home on PC or on the track, Gar typically prefers racing, strategy, or shooting. Maybe not in that order.

Email: gar@buttonmasher.co.nz
Twitter: @Garmandude

Gamertags: XBL: LovableWand

(Also goes by Michael Gray)

Michael always wanted to be a videogame designer. Unfortunately he was never good at maths, art, or much in general really. Failing that he decided to write about games. Michael majored in Media Studies at Victoria University.

Michael is a freelance writer based in Wellington and has written for a number of publications including Game Console and Salient.

Email: mriceguy@buttonmasher.co.nz
Twitter: @Mriceguy
Gamertags: XBL: Mriceguy NZ, PSN: Mriceguy-NZ
Blogs: www.michaelgray.co.nz


(Also goes by Richard Greenlees)

A well… sparky (electrician) in Palmerston North. Lover of all things motorsport and bacon.

Email: sparky@buttonmasher.co.nz
Gamertags: XBL: Sparkynz1, PSN: SparkyNZ
Twitter: @SparkyNZ

(Also goes by Barrie Clarke)

Barrie is a stay-at-home Dad and has been gaming since the days of the C16/Plus 4. He is also a volunteer Firefighter with NZ’s 3rd busiest brigade, so if he all of a sudden disappears from a game this could be why. This may be the reason that his genre of choice is single player RPG’s. Favorite games: Wasteland (C64), Original Bards Tale Series, and Fallout Series. Oh, and for those who were wondering, NZ’s 3rd busiest brigade is Rolleston.

Email: tusock@buttonmasher.co.nz
Gamertags: XBL: Tusock,
Twitter: @TusockNZ

(Also goes by Austin Sedgwick)

A washed up competitive gamer, Austin spends his time in the corner of a dark room, surrounded by trophies of a bygone era, as he gently plays the blues on his saxophone. Oh, and he does things on this website, ButtonMasher.co.nz that you might have heard about.

Email: austin@buttonmasher.co.nz
Gamertags: XBL: Wugga, PSN: WuggamusPrime
Twitter: @Wugga


Podcast Special Guests:


James Taylor

Twitter: @SecludedCrayon


Paul Dickinson

Twitter: @dogcownz

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