Accio podcast! Gar’s been whisked away to a secret school called Wangamawarts, or maybe that’s something nasty he’s caught that he has to see a doctor about; regardless,he’s unable to attend this weeks recording. James and Paul stand strong though, and they didn’t even get weird when I showed them my wand!

After Gar mentioned a rumour that the “MORE” in Pottermore stood for “Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Experience”, I thought I should probably pay a little attention when my girlfriend tuned in to the announcement video. After listening to J K Rowling spout marketing double speak, only a couple of things seemed clear. One, Pottermore will be an exclusive place to purchase digital audio books and ebooks of the Harry Potter series. Two, whatever it is, it doesn’t sound like there’s a game in there, contrary to the rumour. Rowling at some point states in the video: “The digital generation will be able to enjoy a safe, unique, online reading experience, based around the Harry Potter books.” As someone who steers clear of MMOs on principal, I can only offer the vaguest of opinions, in that maybe it’s a shame there isn’t a Harry Potter themed MMO in the works? I certainly think that a high school for witches and wizards is a better basis than, say, the surrounding an animated comedy family…

I have one copy of inFamous 2 on PlayStation 3 to give away.

Simply tell me the name of one game character mentioned in my review that would lose to Cole in a race. Hint: There’s two of ‘em.

First one to PM me with the correct answer gets it! Comments and batteries not included. You must also be a kiwi, I’m not shipping this to Kazakhstan. Update: We have a winner! See the comments section below.

There’s a little project that I’ve been following for a while, and it’s name is Indie Game: The Movie — a documentary covering the ins and outs of being an indie developer, following guys like Team Meat (Super Meat Boy), Jonathan Blow (Braid), and some of the lesser known’s.

All along the way you’ve been able to help them with their project. But in their final push for funding they’ve managed to exceed their goal in only a few days. You can still support them to make the film even better, as well as pre-ordering your copy of the film. There’s a digital download at the cheapest price, and then a DVD, and then the DVD Special Edition. Personally I’ve never paid for a DVD at that price, but to see this finally come out it, it will be worth it.

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It’s the second week of a Duke Nukem Forever hangover, but not everyone’s down on it. There’s talk of the changing landscape of MMOs, further Duke talk, the continuing hacking shenanigans going on, and we all took on the recommendation of MrIceGuy to check out 0space, and had an epic few matches. Oh, and this guys name is Hakeem. So saying that Duke Nukeem is the black equivalent of Duke Nukem is accurately racist!

This is a review, but not just any ordinary review. I thought I’d try something a little different you see, and really delve into my inner mad scientist. You can read the plain text review below as per normal, or you can click here and read a magazine-style pdf.

Sure it’s not the same as having a glossy magazine sitting in your lap, but for you iPad owners it’s pretty damn close. Let me know if you enjoy reading it in this kind of format. I’ve always preferred reading reviews this way, and I think it looks a lot nicer even if you’re on a PC. If you have any suggestions, criticisms, any isms of any kind, please let me hear it.

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Let’s get straight into it shall we?

Sure thing. Wait, what are we doing again?

Games. Electronic interactive videos that supposedly bring joy to people.

Got it. So last time we spoke I said I was playing a few games. Let’s get into that. Firstly L.A. Noire, I’m slowly making my way through that. I know a few people were turned off by it, but I am still really enjoying it. Sure it’s not a great action game, but it makes a great Phoenix Wright 3D. I’ve just solved my first case as Vice cop.

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It’s been a while since a clever yet simple indie game enraptured me, but I think I may have found the one that might do it next. Proun looks to be a stylish racing game, where you control the orientation of a ball as it travels down a cable. On June 24, it’ll be available for purchase on a “Pay What You Want” basis. The creator, Joost Van Dongen explains the rationale and details Proun on his blog here. Continue reading