E3 is next week you guys! In a format slightly different to last year, I thought I’d collate what has been said so far in Browncoat’s E3 2011 thread in a kind of visualisation. So you can see what everyone would like to see, and… rather not see. Some games have already been confirmed, while others are a bit more hazy.

Hover over the images to see where the ideas came from. I have simplified some of these lists, please let me know if I’ve overstepped my bounds!

What we want to see!

dst, Morock, Vivasanti  nzBrowncoat

Uncharted 3, Thief 4

nzBrowncoat, dst, TimProvise   nzBrowncoat, TimProvise

GOOD Kinect Games, HALO HD

nzBrowncoat, Vivasanti, Gazza420   dst, Morock, esoj

The Darkness 2, NGP / PS Vita

dst, TimProvise, emetic  dst, Vivasanti, MinoXXide, esoj 

Forza 4, Battlefield 3

dst, Morock, Vivasanti, esoj  dst, accidental, esoj

Rage, Nintendo Project Café

dst  Newsboy

Move Games, Rockstar & Epic on Nintendo Project Café

TimProvise TimProvise 

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update, Street Fighter X Tekken

TimProvise TimProvise, Vivasanti, esoj

Gears of War 3, Batman: Arkham City

TimProvise  TimProvise

Mass Effect 3, Red Dead Redemption sequel

Morock  Vivasanti, CT101st

New Quantic Dream game, Diablo III

Vivasanti Vivasanti, nzBrowncoat

Resistance 3, Bioshock Infinite

Vivasanti, CT101st, esoj  Vivasanti, esoj

The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM, Dead Island

Vivasanti Vivasanti

Soul Calibur V, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Vivasanti  Mr Frank White, MinoXXide

Ninja Gaiden III, Grand Theft Auto V

Mc Fadge  MinoXXide

The Last Guardian, A World War II game

Mriceguy accidental

Beyond Good & Evil 2, 3DS games

MinoXXide  cptn falcon

Virtual reality!!, Eternal Darkness II

captn falcon captn falcon, Vegan Shinigami

New hardcore Wii games, in-house Silent Hill

 captn falcon, Vegan Shinigami   RadishNation, nzBrowncoat

in-house Resident Evil, Half-Life 3

captain x

Championship Manager 2012

What we don’t want to see…


Fable IV

Check back during next week to see if these predictions turn out to be true!

2 thoughts on “Mashers Predict E3 2011

  1. After that sweet Prey 2 “pop-corn” trailer with Cash tunes I wanna see some gameplay…..unlikely I know.

  2. After that sweet Prey 2 “pop-corn” trailer with Cash tunes I wanna see some gameplay…..unlikely I know.

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