psychonauts_logoIt’s pretty minor news, but I’m happy to post about anything related to the charming cult classic of the last generation. Word is that Double Fine has secured the publishing rights to Psychonauts, and so any purchases of the title (which is available on Xbox Live and Steam, people) will result in them receiving the full share, minus whatever cut the virtual store takes, of course. I’ve already got a copy, so I’m more inclined to buy something like Stacked, but I think I might play through the Milkman Conspiracy one more time for the sake of it.


A post-Duke Nukem Forever podcast, I’m not sure we ever thought we’d see the day, and our thoughts on the man of the hour have a similarly bewildered flavour to them. Oh, and hacking things… I’d say that I’m totally over it and am unimpressed, like Gar does, but I’d really prefer it if this site stayed up and running.

The original Spelunky was released in 2008, and is still free to download. If you would rather pay for it, Spelunky is promised to come to XBLA later this year, removing the 8-bit aesthetic for something a little more cartoony. Of course playing in HD along with added multiplayer, I reckon it will be well worth the purchase. Make sure you wait until the end of the trailer for a special indie cameo.

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Last Friday I talked with Donald Bubbins from Christchurch. This is the guy behind the previously mentioned Winnitron NZ, and the upcoming Game Jam: South event in July – basically it’s like the 48 hour film competition, but instead of making films, you’re making games, and you’re all working together in one big collaborative environment. Also, at this point in time the Winnitron NZ is the only Winnitron in the entire Southern Hemisphere!

Listen to the interview at the bottom of this post or download it here.

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Fallout 3. There’s a good number of games that I feel obligated to follow through and get 100% on the achievements, but Fallout 3 ranks among the top. Or at least, it did. With some 72 achievements and 1550 gamerscore, this months goal was to slog it out in the Capital Wasteland and add a little Vault-boy icon to my collection, and not to spoil anything, but mission accomplished.

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MS vs ATV Alive bannner

Fifth in the popular offroading franchise, MX vs. ATV Live promised a low price entry into the market banking on DLC sales, but is there enough excitement and pull to see it through and will that title ever roll off the tongue with ease?

This series has been pretty successful in terms of performance; with unit sales across the range in excess of millions you cannot doubt that the games have some magic, for somebody.
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For some, the greatest shock of the show wasn’t the Frankenstein-esque WiiU controller, or the incredible number of mouth-breathers at Microsoft’s E3 conference. Instead, it was the bombshell of a price on Playstation’s do-it-all new handheld, the Vita: only $250 USD for the base model, and $300 USD for the 3G enabled version (even if Americans would be tethered down to the worst possible carrier).
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The big one. What everyone was waiting for…the talk of the show, those massive lines (not that we had to wait in them). And here it is.

First, the primary point of note: the controller. As you’d perhaps heard, the controller is oddly light, and actually quite comfortable to hold, thanks to a perpendicular ridge on the backside about 60% up the controller’s width. However, where the back two triggers are comfortable, the top two “bumpers” are actually quite out of the way and difficult to hit without a hand readjustment…hopefully, these buttons will not be mapped to commonly used functions.
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