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I sat down to start writing this review early on Queens Birthday and as anyone in Canterbury will know we were hit by some pretty serious aftershocks that day. So after comforting the family, cleaning up the house, and local businesses, here I am after several stiff drinks trying to get my thoughts back in line to write this review. So to avoid any confusion from my following ramblings, I’ll say right now than I really enjoyed Red Faction: Armageddon even if it is a bit on the short side.

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Or rather, one of us is here, and the other has been here for awhile, because he lives in Los Angeles.

We’re Jason and Jon, special correspondents for Buttonmasher during the hectic E3 times. We’ll be delivering hands-on impressions and news from around the conference, and putting together a special podcast immediately following our first day.

Current? Vita? Hell if we know. But we’re gonna find out.

Stay tuned!

As of yesterday us kiwis can grab those free games and free PlayStation Plus memberships. Just watch your data caps people! Note: You need to have created a PSN account before April 20th.

1. Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 console.
2. Select the big ‘Welcome Back’ pane on the right.
3. Select the Welcome Back Free Games icon, and download.
4. Select game choice one, and download.
5. Select game choice two, and download.
6. For free PlayStation Plus membership select and enable that too.



Have had a real mixed bag of gaming recently. Wanting to finish Two Worlds 2, and the latest DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, was followed up by a desire to at least attempt 100% completion on a few more titles, this desire no doubt spurred on by Wugga’s 100% completion mission. And then I also felt the need to visit some of the top quality titles I have had sitting on the shelf for far too long. I also had a bit of an impulse buy in the gaming memorabilia market. But my most interesting moment would have to be the interesting perspective I found myself taking when revisiting an old classic…

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E3 is next week you guys! In a format slightly different to last year, I thought I’d collate what has been said so far in Browncoat’s E3 2011 thread in a kind of visualisation. So you can see what everyone would like to see, and… rather not see. Some games have already been confirmed, while others are a bit more hazy.

Hover over the images to see where the ideas came from. I have simplified some of these lists, please let me know if I’ve overstepped my bounds!

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UPDATE: The Store is now online and functioning. The Welcome Back package is now available.
As promised Sony have attempted to restore the PlayStation Store in the ongoing revival of the PlayStation Network service. Currently (6.33pm) it’s bringing up an error code. Keep trying tonight and let us know if you’re able to connect. Also the Welcome Back package (ie. free games!) probably won’t be ready straight away.

lanoirebannerRockstar’s domination of the character driven, open world genre continues unabated, and L.A Noire represents another in an ever-growing clutch of feathers in Rockstar’s cap. From the end of the Wild West to tales of modern anti-heroes, Rockstar has honed it’s craft of creating remarkable period pieces filled with interesting characters. Specifically in this case, it’s the post-war 1940s of Los Angeles, where small town prom queens go to catch their break, and snakes wearing cheap suits await them in shadows of sleaze. Continue reading