Let’s just call this episode “The one where Gar rants about Games For Windows Live and Fable 3, while Wugga sounds like he’s sick, James talks about the pairing of Black Sabbath and Gears Of War, and Paul is stoked to learn about a Space Marine game” – because “Number One Hundred And Twenty-Nine” just sounds so formal.

DS 2 Banner

I would be fooling us both if I called this a review; it fails on at least 2 counts. On one hand the game has been out for ages and on the other I still have not finished it, so even though we never reviewed it I’d like to call this a retrospective.

I am going to cut to the chase, it really is a great game, and even if survival horror is not your thing there is a quality about the franchise that makes the experience a stand out title. The trick is of course seeing how interesting it will be to read on…

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