Nintendo Australia and New Zealand has announced this evening that the latest Nintendo console currently available, the 3DS, will be dropping to a suggested retail price of $343.99NZ, effective August 12. This is a significant drop from the $479.00 currently being asked at EB Games and $449.99/464.99 at Mighty Ape, and relatively so soon after it’s launch is bound to leave some early adopters with a slight rage-induced rash. To assuage the potential ill-feeling, Nintendo coupled this announcement with that of an offering of an exclusive “Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program” to be available to consumers that purchased the 3DS at the launch price. The program consists of 10 free downloadable NES games and 10 Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games from the eShop. Further information on the Ambassador Program past the break.

These free games are available to anyone who owns a Nintendo 3DS system and uses a wireless broadband Internet signal to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before the price drop on 12 August. These users will automatically be registered in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program. The program contains two elements:

1. Starting 1 September, Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors will be able to download 10 NES Virtual Console™ games at no charge and before they are available in the Nintendo eShop to the general public. These games, including Super Mario Bros.™, Donkey Kong Jr.™, Balloon Fight™, Ice Climber™ and The Legend of Zelda™, are slated to become paid downloadable games, but Ambassadors get them early for free. Once the paid versions of the games are posted to the Nintendo eShop later in the year, the updated versions will be available to Ambassadors for download at no cost.

2. By the end of 2011, Nintendo will provide Ambassadors with 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games. These include games like Yoshi’s Island™: Super Mario™ Advance 3, Mario Kart™: Super Circuit, Metroid™ Fusion, WarioWare™ Inc.: Minigame Mania and Mario vs. Donkey Kong™. These games will be available exclusively to Ambassadors, and Nintendo currently has no plans to make these 10 games available to the general public on the Nintendo 3DS in the future.

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