On this weeks episode of The ButtonMasher Podcast, I mentioned that the Warthog’s appearance in the Autovista mode of Forza 4 will not be voiced by Jeremy Clarkson, but by Cortana. Well, I’m not entirely sure how wrong I am, since I’ve found youtube clips of both (included after the break.) Cortana treats the subject matter with the appropriate fictional reverence it deserves, and Clarkson treats it with the touch-in-cheek dryness he’s known for, with language like “apparently” and “it says here.” Continue reading


Warthogs, Porsches, and triple negatives. Yup, they’re all in ButtonMasher Podcast #142. Lots of Bastion and New Vegas being played, and next week perhaps the PC revival crew will finally link up and play some games online…

HaloFest has seen a lot of (unsurprisingly) Halo related news drop, which I will hereby briefly summarise. Some multiplayer maps for Halo: Anniversary have been announced and playable at HaloFest, including Timberland (which was previously on the PC version of Halo,) Prisoner, Installation 04, Damnation, and Beaver Creek, which was the Halo 2 map based on the original Halo map, Battle Creek. I’d have thought all the original’s maps would be available, so now I’m wondering if both the Creeks will feature. Halo: Anniversary will also be 3D enabled, which is great news for people with the capabilities. Keeping it going, there’s an update coming for Halo Reach, which involves some balancing, namely nerfing the armour lock and active camo a little, and also players won’t be able to block an energy sword unless they themselves have a sword (and I didn’t even know that was possible in the first place!) Lastly, the iconic Warthog will be featured in Forza 4’s new Autovista mode. I don’t know what you’ll have to do to unlock it, but it could well be Halo Waypoint related, if I had to guess.


Forza 4 is looking pretty damn awesome. I never got around to making time for Forza 3, but the Autovista mode and the challenges needed to unlock the cars for use in it may well create a perfect storm for me to go on one of my racing-game benders. In sad news though, Forza 4 won’t have any Porsches in it, and is the first Forza game to miss out. EA holds the licensing rights and was allegedly unwilling to sub-license it this time around. Brian Ekberg of Turn 10 writes about it at the bottom of the post entitled Under The Hood 1. As someone who doesn’t have that much of a vested interested in Porsches, I’m still a little bit upset by this. Gar, on the other hand, is livid. I wouldn’t be surprised if he appended an angry rant to this post.

Gar’s words after the break.

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I can enjoy a good narrative, even if it’s for promotional reasons. These Driver Renegade web episodes aren’t really I Love Bees calibre though, perhaps not even as enjoyable as ASB’s Hillary Goldstein saga, but partial credit goes to them for making an effort. Five episodes, telling the tale of an ex cop called Tanner, shaking some cages in three minute breaks (one minute of those is spent recapping, though), all linked to after the break.

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With this on top of the Virtua Figher 5: Final Showdown announcement, it’s almost like Sega is trying to make me specifically happy. Sonic CD is actually high on my list of shame, being the only Sonic game I haven’t played that was generally well received (okay, I haven’t played Sonic: Colors, either.) The press release states that you’ll be able to play Sonic CD on your 360, PS3, PC or appropriate smart phone “this summer”, but it was signed off by Sega of Europe and America, so I’m willing to say that it’ll be our winter.

Toy Soldiers CW - Banner Following up last years release of Toy Soldiers is Toy Soldiers: Cold War. The next in line for the tower defense, third person shooter franchise brings some modern hardware to the table along with some extremely cool 80’s jingles and tunes in the background. And if that isn’t enough to get you interested, how about a super powerful unit in the form of John Rambo a generic Commando who doesn’t look or sound like any famous movie character. “You want a War? I’ll give you a war!!”

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It’s happening in a far off land, and the voucher is for a service we don’t have access to, but bloody hell. It just pays to be aware of shifty dealings. The land is America, and the service is OnLive, the game streaming service. GameStop has given the directive for staff to open every case and remove the voucher that comes packaged with Deus Ex and provides a free digital copy of the game. This article on Giant Bomb includes all the no comments and a picture of the memo. It’s a dick move, to be sure, and while I don’t think our GameStop equivalent, EB Games, would do anything quite so dastardly, it’s still rather scary. UPDATE: GameStop has apologised, e-mailing customers and offering $50US vouchers to make amends. So perhaps they’re not total monsters.


This episode of The ButtonMasher Podcast is going Dunder Miflin style: “Limitless paper, in a paperless world.” Only it’s more like the latter, because Gar didn’t print off the lists for everyone like he normally does. Welcome to the future people! Paperless podcasts! Gosh, next thing you know, they’ll be able to listen to them on some kind of portable audio playing device.


Earlier today, Sega announced that Virtua FIghter 5: Final Showdown would be coming to home consoles by way of Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network. Yes, I’m excited about this news as you might think, but I’m also filled with trepidation. After seeing what Soul Calibur ended up on the XBLA, a mere shell of of once loved Dreamcast game, I’d really like to see a full fledged game in VF5:FS.
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