Toy Soldiers CW - Banner Following up last years release of Toy Soldiers is Toy Soldiers: Cold War. The next in line for the tower defense, third person shooter franchise brings some modern hardware to the table along with some extremely cool 80’s jingles and tunes in the background. And if that isn’t enough to get you interested, how about a super powerful unit in the form of John Rambo a generic Commando who doesn’t look or sound like any famous movie character. “You want a War? I’ll give you a war!!”

Toy Soldiers CW - 1

I’ll put it out there straight away. If you liked the first Toy Soldiers then you will love it’s sequel, Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Basically there are two major additions to the tried and true tower defense format from Toy Soldiers. You still place your turrets, although you have a much larger selection this time around, and have the ability to man each turret but this time by doing so you can rack up kills and send the turret into overdrive, unlimited ammo is always good. Continue racking up kills and you will be awarded a ‘Barrage’. This random power up can be anything from a bombing run through to a tactical nuclear strike. But lets face it, what we all want is the elite Commando unit or the the AC 130 Gunship to ‘Bring the rain!’. The sheer coolness of the ‘Barrage’ really does push you to obtain them quickly, regardless of the fact that they also really can turn the tide of the battle.

Toy Soldiers CW - 3

The second big addition is the ability to control battery powered vehicles from your toy box. Everything is covered from tanks to jets, APC’s to helicopter gunships, but remember, just like real toys these vehicles chew through the batteries so have a very limited time in action before returning to base to be recharged. The great thing with the vehicles is the fact that they can be moved at speed across the map to plug that gap after a turret has been destroyed by the advancing Red Army. They are also handy to scout the terrain for the hidden items in each level. To lengthen your control of the vehicles in the field you will find extra batteries scattered around the map to give you a bit of a boost, but sometimes, especially between enemy waves, it’s just easier to let the vehicle return to the toy box for a recharge.

Toy Soldiers CW - 2

Again, like the original Toy Soldiers, the main campaign is neither long or difficult but this time round the replay value is a bit higher and the addition of some game variants in the form of survival and mini-games really do add to the overall content. For me, the AC 130 mini-game never gets old. The look and sound of Toy Soldiers: Cold War is great and if you are a fan of 80’s action movies there is more than a few aural cues for you to have a giggle at. I think the only problem I had was that the Commandos y-axis wasn’t inverted to match all the vehicles and turrets, thankfully I found that the Commando had his own control options in the settings menu.

Toy Soldiers CW - 4

Closing Comments.

It helps that I love the 80’s in all it’s glory so the setting for Toy Soldiers: Cold War really does make me smile. I still have to say that 1200 MS Points is just a price point to high for me, not just this game but XBLA games in general. And with the regular sales and price drops it is easy to just wait for the day you can grab this at 800 or even 600 MS Points. Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a great game though so if you do have some MS Points burning a hole in your pocket, by all means, grab it. No doubt so DLC will be inbound at some point too.

Released on 17/8/2011 for 1200 MS Points.

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