HaloFest has seen a lot of (unsurprisingly) Halo related news drop, which I will hereby briefly summarise. Some multiplayer maps for Halo: Anniversary have been announced and playable at HaloFest, including Timberland (which was previously on the PC version of Halo,) Prisoner, Installation 04, Damnation, and Beaver Creek, which was the Halo 2 map based on the original Halo map, Battle Creek. I’d have thought all the original’s maps would be available, so now I’m wondering if both the Creeks will feature. Halo: Anniversary will also be 3D enabled, which is great news for people with the capabilities. Keeping it going, there’s an update coming for Halo Reach, which involves some balancing, namely nerfing the armour lock and active camo a little, and also players won’t be able to block an energy sword unless they themselves have a sword (and I didn’t even know that was possible in the first place!) Lastly, the iconic Warthog will be featured in Forza 4’s new Autovista mode. I don’t know what you’ll have to do to unlock it, but it could well be Halo Waypoint related, if I had to guess.

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