So, some place called Grinding Gear Games in Auckland is developing a game called Path Of Exile that looks like an interesting dungeon crawler. It’s not really my style of game, and I’d be concerned with anything that attempts to go toe-to-toe with Diablo III in it’s time, but I have to wish them all the best, the teaser video on their site did manage to impress me. They’re currently taking signups on their website for their beta. Props to Leggetron and MrIceGuy’s retweet spamming for alerting me to this. 😉

Zen and the Art of Gamerscore Maintenance…from across the Ditch.

Not your usual month since my last instalment, relocation to Brisbane for work has left me in a small apartment with my family and limited gaming; rest assured it is only a blip.

Relocation of any sort can be traumatic, especially when you are handing over your prized possessions to a moving company, but when most of them are being bundled into a container and set sail across the ditch I think you are allowed to be extra nervous. It was a typically cold and wet day as I watched my PS3 and pile of Xbox shame being packed by a stranger, labelled and moved without my customary respect onto the back of a truck. Then I had to be levered away from the Mac, having enough time to ensure an up to date refresh of the iPad before it slid back into its oh so ergonomically packed box.

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sotdbannerWhenever I see the name “Shadows Of The Damned”, the hit single “Shadows Of The Night” by the immortal Pat Benetar starts playing in my head. This doesn’t really say anything about the game except that it has perhaps a rather generic name. It’s a game about a demon hunter named Garcia Hotspur, who follows his girlfriend and her many-eyed kidnapper into the underworld. That premise, also sounds rather generic, but the truth defies simplicity in this case. Continue reading