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So the final part of the Gears Trilogy is finally with us. What does it have in store for us, but more importantly for the thousands of Gears fans, is the multiplayer up to scratch? But first I better mention that I’m not a Gears junkie. Don’t get me wrong, I have the first two and really enjoyed them and have had some epic multiplayer sessions with the ButtonMasher regulars. But Gears 3 wasn’t high on my wish list as a must have and more important things cropped up recently, like a new TV and AV receiver. Suddenly with the arrival of Gears of War 3 a perfect gaming experience was falling into place…

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Last week it was the cure for AIDS, this week, planets. Is there anything games can’t do? Well, granted, I don’t think I’m discovering anything by playing Gears Of War, except how much I dislike getting shot in the face. Oh, and if you listen to the end of this weeks podcast, Gar eventually settled on the name “Dyxalloverya” after I hit the stop button. That’s something that will make more sense in context.

I had low expectations of SkyDrift going in. An arcade  racer with biplanes? It sounded kinda risky. But Digital Reality has managed to pull it off; a fast paced chase through chasms and caverns.

Each track pits you against seven bots. It’s a linear racer through and through, except now you have the Y-Axis to think about, and a lot more reason to crash.

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Considering I got the review code for Leedmees a few weeks after release, is it a good indicator that the leaderboard shows less than 3,000 entries?

There are lots of stats and opinions that can make for an engaging Kinect discussion, for the record I am a fan of the hardware. While I do not count myself as a Microsoft fanboy I do respect what they have both attempted and in some respects succeeded.

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I really hope that no-one gets uptight about a parody of the All Black’s beloved haka, because I think this is kind of awesome. Ubisoft created a video in time for the match between France and our very own All Blacks. As you’d expect, the Rabbids inject their typical brand of enthusiastic insanity, and the devs even call it the “bwaaahka” on the site for the upcoming Raving Rabbids: Alive And Kicking game.

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Joeseph Capelli killed Nathan Hale. Dishonourably discharged, he leaves the service and finds happiness of a sort with his wife and child in a small community, mostly underground, hiding from the Chimera, eking out a living in warrens beneath an agricultural town. Naturally, it wouldn’t be an epic blockbuster first person shooter if something bad didn’t go down, which is to say, something worse than finding yourself living in a world where 90% of humanity has been killed or converted by an invading alien force.
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It’s either been one of those weeks, or we’re all coming down with “that thing that’s going around.” Personally, I may have gone to bed late playing Gears Of War 3, and woken up early to play it again, but if a virus is an excuse to stay home from work, then maybe I am getting sick.

Ready your wallets folks. Steam is selling two bundles of five games for $9.99 USD each, chock full of indie goodness. Most of the games usually sell at $9.99 USD each, so already you’re saving money!

First we have the Indie 2D Bundle comprising of — you-guessed-it — 2D games:
Bit. Trip Runner
NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits
Swords and Soldiers HD
World of Goo

In the second pack we have the Indie Strategy Bundle – yeah I think you’ve got it now pal:
Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Defense Grid: The Awakening
Revenge of the Titans
Sol Survivor

Sale ends Thursday evening (11pm) so get in quick. (I’m going for the 2D bundle myself).


The Battlefield 3 open beta starts on September 29th on all platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, PC).  If you’ve preordered the PC version on Origin, or you own Medal of Honor Limited Edition (any platform) then you can get in on the 27th.

Origin is required for the PC version, so hopefully it isn’t too badly broken.

Check out the official site for more details.

After the break are the official system requirements.

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