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So the final part of the Gears Trilogy is finally with us. What does it have in store for us, but more importantly for the thousands of Gears fans, is the multiplayer up to scratch? But first I better mention that I’m not a Gears junkie. Don’t get me wrong, I have the first two and really enjoyed them and have had some epic multiplayer sessions with the ButtonMasher regulars. But Gears 3 wasn’t high on my wish list as a must have and more important things cropped up recently, like a new TV and AV receiver. Suddenly with the arrival of Gears of War 3 a perfect gaming experience was falling into place…

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Now I have had to try damn hard to avoid reviews, videos, forums, and even conversations with other gamers that might let slip any of the story involved with the Gears of War 3 single player campaign so this is why I have decided to make this review a spoiler free one. All I knew going in was that the story was a doozy and there were some interesting moments. I sort of wished I had replayed Gears of War 2 to get back up to speed fully before starting Gears 3 but luckily there is a short “Previously in Gears of War” movie you can watch from the main menu. I was quickly back into the action and the story was moving on at a breakneck speed. There is even one moment where a familiar little song is playing in the background, perfectly placed for the scene. So if you can zip through Gears 2, even Gears 1 as well, before tackling number 3, I would thoroughly recommend it, just do it on casual for the story line. Oh, and all I’ll say is that the Gears 3 story is indeed a doozy!

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Now as I mentioned in the opening I have also just purchased a new Full HD, 3D plasma TV and the first thing to run on this TV happened to be Gears of War 3. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a 3D option in the Display settings of Gears 3. Cool, something to test out the 3Dness of my shiny new TV. Admittedly I was of the belief that 3D was something of a fad, a gimmick, especially with games. Well lets just say, if words were tangible I would be eating them right now. Playing Gears of War 3 in 3D is just amazing! It has taken gaming to another level for me. I even showed the wife, who isn’t into gaming at all, and she just wanted to watch the game in 3D while I played, not an easy task with only one set of 3D glasses. Not to worry if you haven’t got a 3D TV though because Gears 3 is just simply a gorgeous game to look at.

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Let’s face it though, as great as the campaign is, either by yourself or co-op with up to 3 friends, a great multiplayer element is what everyone wants out of your shooters these days and as expected Gears of War 3 delivers. You will find all your favourites such as Wingman, Execution, and everybody’s favourite, Horde. Although with some minor tweaks here and there. But my favourite addition would have to be Beast Mode. Similar to Horde Mode but from the side of the Grubs, so now you can finally take control of a nasty little Ticker and stick it right up the date of those COG scum! And like previous Gears games a huge amount of statistics are tracked allowing different weapons, characters, and upgrades to be unlocked. So make sure you get kills with different weapons and methods. Multiplayer games are, as expected, plentiful and easy to get into, and with no lag at all experienced at my end, although I have just been upgraded to ADSL2+…

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I won’t comment on the length of the campaign as my opinion seems biased by the fact that I love my 100+ hour role playing epics so a 10-15 hour game seems somewhat short but in the land of shooter fans they all seem very pleased with the length of it. I guess adding an unlimited amount of hours that could be spent in multiplayer matches more than makes up for a short campaign. I have to mention a pet hate of mine though and that is cut scenes that render you with weapons you weren’t carrying. In Gears case, the Lancer. If you can’t do cut scenes with currently equipped weapons then have them with no weapons or something. Lack of continuity really spoils the immersion.

Closing Comment.

Gears of War 3 is one hell of a ride! I enjoyed it immensely and, once my new headset arrives, am looking forward to getting stuck into the multiplayer in a proper manner (sorry for my silence nightwlf). I can envisage many a classic night with the ButtonMashers in the various multiplayer modes helping each other obtain the requirements to get all the cool unlockables and then moving on to the just plain carnage we call a great night. If you have a 3D TV then Gears of War 3 is a must buy! Even if you aren’t a fan, this could be the ‘killer app’ to show off your fancy 3D TV. Not much more to say really, fans will already have it and be loving it, so all I’ll say is, see you on the battleground! I’ll be the one with all the chainsaw lacerations to the head…

Released on 20/9/2011.

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  1. Haha no worries Tusock, just saw that you were in exactly the place I needed to pick campaign up from so jumped in =) I might have to take it round to a friend’s place and try out the 3D!

  2. Haha no worries Tusock, just saw that you were in exactly the place I needed to pick campaign up from so jumped in =) I might have to take it round to a friend’s place and try out the 3D!

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